A Response to the Creationist Version of On the Origin of Species September 20, 2009

A Response to the Creationist Version of On the Origin of Species

Remember the Kirk Cameron/Ray Comfort video promoting their new “revised” version of On the Origin of Species (with a 50-page introduction written by Comfort that he thinks “debunks” evolution)?

Comfort and Cameron are planning to give away free copies of the book at colleges across the country on November 19th in an effort, I presume, to set a Guinness World Record for miseducating the most people in one day.

But who needs to respond to the 50-page introduction to the book when ZOMGitsCriss has an excellent response to the trailer video you saw above?

Isn’t it amazing that a foreigner knows the U.S. Constitution better than two Creationists who live in America?

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  • mcbender

    Excellent. She’s always made some great videos, and this one is no exception.

    It’s also good to know the date, as my university was one of the ones on their hit list and I hadn’t previously come across it.

    What to do on November 19… what to do.

  • Myles

    50 pages of toilet paper.. bwahahahahaha

  • mike

    I found that they are coming to the University of Illinois! I’m hoping to pick up a few of these for myself, and also I’m thinking about handing out a bit of research on some real facts.

  • nogos.noqt

    Is there a list for the locations this will be taking place? I’d like to know if my university is being tainted.

  • Matt

    That creationist video is just… ugh… cringe worthy.

  • kenshin304

    I’m really mad at those fools. not only do they spread there misinformation online. but also now at the repositories of are knowledge. this is just disgraceful, I hope students have a counter bullshit plan.

  • flawedprefect

    If I wasn’t already blissfully married to the perfect woman, I would take a ticket and stand in line with all the other gents keen to win this vixen’s heart.

    She’s made of awesome.

  • Claudia

    To anyone reading who is in a university on the list. Organize with your friends! Get yourself a copy and ask for a few extra “for my friends” “for my girl/boyfriend” “for my family” etc. Organize yourself so that every several minutes (or more inconspicuous, throughout the day) one of your friends comes up alone and gets another several copies.

    The more people you organize, the fewer contaminated copies can get out. Cut out the pages and donate the good part to schools, to the goodwill, whatever.

    Ah and flawedperfect, there’s two problems with your desire. The first is obviously your wife, and the second is her husband 😉

  • Luther

    They can attach a 50 page “Introduction to Comfort” to the Origin of the Species. IF we can attach a 50 page “Introduction to Reality” to their Bible.

    It should not take 50 pages, but we have to get their attention. I would do a lot illustrations and some cartoons.

    (I know, I know, we read the Origin and some of us read the Bible, but with some cartoons we can hope they will read some of our introduction.)

  • bigjohn756

    Sassy, sexy and dead on accurate, as usual. If only I were 40 years younger….

  • amdkte

    Are the top 50 universities they plan to distribute these those listed under “National Universities” by US News & World Report, or are they using a different list? I would be totally down for decontaminating some copies of this, but I don’t know if they consider my school a “university.”

  • Erp

    Might be interesting at Stanford (number 4 on Comfort’s list). The university president, Hennessy, in his speech to incoming freshmen this year held up Darwin as someone to emulate.

  • bwahahaha, I lost my faith in a CHRISTIAN college where 99% of the professors were evangelical Christians. The one professor who wasn’t, I never had! I never even talked to him! It doesn’t make a difference what your professor believes!

  • mike

    Claudia: Already on top of it here.

    If anyone wants to see the list last published by them: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=155609217391&topic=13548

    They pulled it from their site, though. I hope they still come to UIUC.

  • I love ZOMGitsCriss. She always makes excellent videos and that’s a perfect response to this video.

  • Tony

    She’s magnificent isn’t she?

  • medussa

    Does she date women? Please? I’m in love.

  • Becky

    mike Says:
    I found that they are coming to the University of Illinois! I’m hoping to pick up a few of these for myself, and also I’m thinking about handing out a bit of research on some real facts.

    UIUC? Hahaha! I hope you do! The thought of this kind of ignorance in my hometown is appalling.

  • She’s right about everything except for some sloppy wording early in the video. Kirk says “god-given liberties”, which she responds that the liberties are given by people in the form of the constitution. Kirk’s phrasing is closer to the intentions of the US constitution, even though the constitution doesn’t contain any of the “god” nonsense.

    Technically the constitution isn’t granting rights, but is enumerating some important ones so that government can’t legally trample on them. One of the ideas of the Enlightenment, which greatly influenced the foundation of the US, is that rights are something human beings just have. It’s “self-evident” that we have them, and the Declaration of Independence, a symbolic document, goes as far as attributing them to a “Creator”. If some foreign force were to invade and take over, and toss out the constitution, we don’t lose those rights, though practicing them may be difficult. For example, we have the right to free speech no matter what any authority might say.

    You don’t have to agree with this, of course, but this is one of the basic founding ideas of the US.

  • I think she has a point about the “modified” bible. Any takers?

  • Mike, your link isn’t working.

  • Richard P

    I noticed she brought up ray comfort as the banana man…
    This is funny. I remember the debate Ray and Cameron had with the people from rational response. In this debate they explain the existence of god by the design of the banana.

    Here is an interesting tidbit about the history of the banana.

    The banana as we know it today is a specifically-grown species of the wild banana. It originated from seed bearing relatives in the Pacific and the South-East of Asia.

    The wild banana was not edible, but it was discovered that by crossing two inedible, wild species, one could grow a sterile plant that bore the banana as we know it today. Because of its sterility, once this new edible fruit was discovered, it was spread using offshoots from the base of the plant.

    Ha ha ha …. The banana was designed by man.

  • Phil Schuster

    Have you noticed that the only honest thing banana boy says here is that his anti-evolutionism is based on promoting a religiously fanatical culture war in the US. Telling lies about what modern evo theory really states is only a strategy to hi-jack our public education system to promote the fundamentalist agenda of instituting a state religion. What these creation-nuts don’t spell out is their intention to persecute any non-believer, which includes gays, non-Christians, abortion providers, and organizations promoting the civil rights of employees, racial minorities and women. It’s pure right wing hate mongering disguised as the “word of God.”.

  • Richard Dawkins should take up the challenge and write a 50 page introduction to the bible. You can never have too many bibles.

  • muggle

    I loved it! She was great!

    She’s got more videos? I must check them out.

    Sigh. Too much internet; too little time.

    I hope she keeps them coming.

  • I have a new hero! She is so well-spoken and funny!

  • FYI, ZOMGitsCriss is her nickname for
    “(Z)Oh my God, its Criss!”

    She is married, straight, faithful to her husband, and gay friendly. She has 55 videos to-date on her you-tube channel. Check em out. She has a good head on her shoulders and makes no apologies for being a sensual woman. She is a little hard on feminists and of course very hard on all things related to religious persecution. About the only thing she has said that I didn’t like is that she doesn’t want to have children. I would like to see some little ZOMGitsChrisses running around. It would be good for the human gene pool.

  • I want one!!!

    This is going to become increasingly collectible as “KirkRay” get crazier and crazier and probably end in a tragically romantic double suicide.

    Trust me, get your copy ASAP – the intro’s good for laughs, and hey it’s still a copy of “Origin” ! 😉

  • Justice served… and I can use the 50 pages as kindling.

  • Mriana

    How well she rants and she makes some very good points too. I like her and I never did think about using the 50 pages of junk as toilet paper. That one was good.

  • Cornelius

    most ridiculous atheist video, I have ever seen…zero facts in the “counter-arguments”. Maybe the owner of this site could use those 50 pages for school-paper for the homework assignments for the 6th grade he never went to.

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