Talk Like a Heavy Metal Pirate September 19, 2009

Talk Like a Heavy Metal Pirate

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!  I’m taking this opportunity to share a very special discovery.

Do you like pirates?  Do you like metal rock music?

Them your band for the day is Alestorm.  They play “True Scottish Pirate Metal”.  Here’s the first song on their album “Captain Morgan’s Revenge.”

The singing (pirate singing if ever I heard it) starts around 45 seconds in, with lyrics of:

Many moons ago, in a faraway land
We met an old man with a hook for a hand
He showed us a map that led to treasures untold
He said, “I’ll give ye the map, if ye give me some gold.”

It continues like that.  If the thought intrigues you, you must watch this video:

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  • Yarr! I be needin’ more wenches and mead today!

    I’ve been to Alestorm once (Graspop 2008) and it was a true party! I highly recommend watching them live and enjoying “Talk like a pirate day” on their concert.

    Also: Tales of Monkey Island, Chapter 1 is free today!

  • schism

    Not bad, but I’d have to recommend Amon Amarth. True, they’re actually Viking metal, but what are Vikings if not especially awesome pirates?

  • Arctic Ape

    Have a nice TLAP day!

    Hardcore punsters may prefer having “Talk Like a Parrot Day”, when you talk only in puns.

  • Tony

    This is outstanding!

  • Tony

    I’ve started listening to a few other tracks by Alestorm. This band is nearly as good as Manowar!

  • Arrr! I be lovin’ me some Alestorm, laddies and lasses! The song “Pirate Song” from their second album is worth spendin’ a doubloon on iTunes! Har har har!

  • Lifer

    You’ve changed my life for the better with this post.

  • Valdyr

    I also must recommend the band Running Wild, who from 1987 onwards with the release of their album Under Jolly Roger have played nothing but pirate metal.

  • Neon Genesis

    But nothing beats Lazy Town as the TALP theme song!

  • Ubi Dubium

    Yarr, but where be the bagpipes? How kin it be Scottish Metal if it dinna have bagpipes?

  • Todd


    Alestorm’s a one trick pony.

    Go for Lord Weird Slough Feg. Pirate’s and so much more.

  • Dave

    To the dude who mentioned Amon Amarth, they are melodic death metal with Viking themes. For actual Viking metal you need to listen to something like Thyrfing.

  • Mike

    Alestorm kick ass. As do Running Wild. Swashbuckle do too even though their sounds is completely different, but I bought their new album a week or so ago. Hopefully I’ll get to see them when I move to England.

    For Viking metal look no further than Moonsorrow, even though AA are still awesome and decidedly not Viking metal.

    This being on your blog Hemant has made my day. Metal on Friendly Atheist, who would’ve thought it…

  • Richard

    I concur with Dave and Mike, Amon Amarth aren’t viking metal but melodic death, still awesome though. To add to the viking metal recommendations, go for some black/folk/viking metal such as Windir and Manegarm. And definitely follow Mike’s advice with Moonsorrow.

  • Dave

    “This being on your blog Hemant has made my day. Metal on Friendly Atheist, who would’ve thought it…”

    I think it was inevitable. atheist population in the metal community is damn high, haha.

  • Todd
  • Last time I saw the ‘Storm they were supported by Tyr, a viking metal band from the Faroe Islands. Best double bill ever 🙂

  • False Prophet

    @Todd–Cathedral! Haven’t heard them in years! Thanks for the link.

    @Ubi Dubium,

    Here be heavy metal with bagpipes. True, they’re Swiss, not Scottish, and sing Celtic folk metal, but very kick-ass. 🙂

    Not metal, but another great pirate song.

  • I love this blog even more now that I see how many other metalheads are here. For more pirate metal, I’d suggest Swashbuckle. I’ve never heard their recorded stuff, but I’ve seen them live a couple of times and they seem pretty decent.

  • Isa

    Haha, awesome. Alestorm is very amusing.

    As to the discussion about Viking metal… sweet. I did not realize there were so many metalheads here.

    As an aside, re: Viking-themed melodic death metal… I saw Amon Amarth last year, and they were pretty good. I bet seeing Alestorm live would be a good time.

  • mikedamat

    I’m a fan of Alestorm, fancy seeing them here.

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