BlagHag Makes the Local News! September 18, 2009

BlagHag Makes the Local News!

It’s like the old saying goes: To get on the news, you must dress up as a Pastafarian and preach on campus.

Something like that.

I guess it makes news in Indiana 🙂

A very nice, brief piece. But wonderful publicity for Blag Hag Jennifer and the Society of Non-Thesis at Purdue University!

(Yep. Thesis. That’s what the news-lady said.)

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  • littlejohn

    Non-thesis! I wish I’d gone to school there. Think of the time and trouble I could have saved. Apparently no one tipped the news reader off to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Aaargh!

  • “Our main goal is to let people know that it’s okay to criticize religion, especially if it’s saying things that you think are hateful or ridiculous.”

    Well said, Jennifer! I love the focus on encouraging criticism and freethought, rather than atheism or anti-religion per se. Kudos!

  • I am sooooo happy I didn’t say anything stupid. I was so nervous I had no idea what I had said afterward!

  • Well, you said it all quite well, Jen, and the news article was in good light as well. Arr!

  • Makes me proud to be a Boilermaker 🙂

    Unfortunately this group wasn’t on campus when I was there 🙁

    Happy talk like a pirate day tomorrow!
    Boiler up!

  • «bønez_brigade»

    *thumbs up*

  • Arrr, that be most welcome news fer the likes a’ we unbelievers the world over. Welcome news indeed.

  • gwen

    Damn, I wish I’D belonged to the ‘Society of non-THESIS’ would have saved me a lot of time and trouble…what? Oh, non-THEIST!! Oh! that’s different, in that case a hearty aarrgh and WELL DONE!!

  • Amy G

    Well done! *thumbs up*

  • justanotherjones

    Yay! You did a great job with a great idea.

  • muggle

    Loved it! What a great idea! Way to go!

  • Okay, this is definitely how I am going to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate day, go out on Auraria Campus dressed in pirate regalia and hand out fliers to all of the other students on campus.

  • Kiera

    Well done, Jennifer!

    Hey, I own that same necklace that the lady has on. Why did I notice that?

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