Homosexuals Are Pred-a-TORs September 16, 2009

Homosexuals Are Pred-a-TORs

Jesusophile is back and he’s talking about homosexuality:

That ending is a bit awkward, but the beginning is shockingly hilarious (only because you know it’s fiction).

Poe strikes again.

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  • muggle

    Are you sure this is Poe? He just seems nuts.

  • Sven

    Don’t worry. He is nuts, but he’s certainly a Poe.

  • bigjohn756

    What was that big sniff at the beginning all about?

  • medussa

    COuldn’t make it past the first 30 secs. Reminds me too much of my patients…

  • Richard P

    wonder what happened to the other half of his moustache?

  • Baconsbud

    Richard why did you have to mention the mustache. I hadn’t started the video when I read your comment and kept staring at the bad trim job. LOL

  • Clippo

    “wonder what happened to the other half of his moustache?”

    What do you mean? He has a whole mustache, it just slipped to one side a little bit.

    Seriously, when I saw this, I had to go back and check his old shows because I couldn’t remember if he had a mustache before.

    If you haven’t seen his work before, give yourself a treat and spend some time. This guy is a real work. I think he’s from Denmark. He looks exactly like a Danish trombonist I used to know. the trombonist was certified nuts too?

  • Crux Australis

    How is it difficult to sniff, and *then* start recording?

  • Magnifico

    This video is like the first time I had sex. I got 12 seconds in before I was finished.

  • Ape Toast

    I found the first 26 second too WTF? to continue.

  • Ape Toast

    I’ve been POE’d? – Ack!

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