College Atheist Group Forming at Duke University September 15, 2009

College Atheist Group Forming at Duke University

North Carolina is on a roll here. (Hey, South Carolina, learn a lesson!)

A campus atheist group is forming at Duke University.

If you’d like to get involved (or you just want to support them), join their Facebook group here.

(Thanks to Nina for the link!)

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  • Eric Alderman

    North Carolina is where I became an atheist, as a result of an excellent science curriculum, and also an intro to logic/problems of philosophy (we dissected Pascal’s Wager, Ontological/Cosmological Arguments, and The Problem of Evil). To be fair, it’s also where I previously became a southern baptist.

    NC–as well as VA– is a surprisingly progressive state, as compared to the bulk of the “bible belt.” I attended Wake Forest University, one of the few campuses that house a chapel which honored gay marriages in the late 90’s; and also one of the few private campuses that had an on premises bar which students (of age) could use their dining credit to purchase a beer or two.

    Visit Raleigh, Wilmington, Chapel Hill or Asheville, NC and you will be hard pressed to admit how forward thinking things can be south of the Mason Dixon line.

  • Tom

    You’d think the Blue Devils would already have an atheist group by now! 🙂

  • ATL-Apostate

    They’re just trying to keep up with their cross-town mortal enemies, Chapel Hill.

    go ‘Heels!

  • King Platinum

    Bro, I’m in North Carolina and I just want to say, South Carolina is VERY much more southern than we are. We’re right betwixt West Virginia and South Carolina, it is a mathamiracle we turned out as good as we have.

  • Robyn

    I’m sad that UNCG didn’t have an atheist or skeptic’s group (to my knowledge) when I was there. I haven’t heard if they do, but that’s another NC school that needs it.

    I wish I’d gone to Chapel Hill when I had the chance. Bart Ehrman, SO CLOSE. *reaches feebly*

  • ChameleonDave

    Bro, I’m in North Carolina and I just want to say, South Carolina is VERY much more southern than we are.

    You guys named it well, then.