UNC-Chapel Hill Secular Student Alliance Kicks off the Year September 14, 2009

UNC-Chapel Hill Secular Student Alliance Kicks off the Year

I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear about brand new campus atheist groups forming.

The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Secular Student Alliance has its first official meeting this Thursday night (September 17th) at 7:00 p.m.


If you’re interested in church/state separation, dispelling rumors about non-religious people, and providing a safe haven for atheists on campus, check out the group!

As an added bonus, they’re going to paint a giant chalk picture of His Noodliness on campus next weekend 🙂

(Thanks to Kris for the link!)

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  • Kevin

    Wow, I walked right by it this morning and didn’t even see it. It’s Monday, and I’m not a morning person. Yeah, we’ll go with that 🙂

  • beckster

    Yeah NC Atheists!!

  • My husband and I were recently visiting Indiana University (as alumni now we try and get back to Bloomington once a year). Anyways there were a ton of chalkings around campus with atheist quotes on them. I just found this: http://saiu.org/ and looks like they are just starting in on their second year. (Don’t know if the chalkings were part of that group…)

  • Go Chapel Hill!

  • JJR

    I’m assuming “The Pit” is their basketball arena? That’s what the Univ. of North Texas calls theirs, anyway.

    Still, I would’ve probably punned around with that…Student atheists from The Pit…of Hell! Bwahahahahaahaa 😉 Something like that.

    I’m just a goofball that way…anyway, good that they are forming in NC. Best of luck to ’em!

  • JJR – The Pit is a common area near the heart of campus, famous for it’s “free speech.” Everything from firebreathing fundamentalist preachers to Gay Pride demonstrations take place there.

    Your Pit of Hell pun could still work, however… 🙂

    Oh how I miss my alma mater! I remember handing out fliers for a Ralph Reed (yes, THAT Ralph, from the Christian Coalition) speech way back in my evangelical bible believing days. Now I’m a born again atheist! 😉

    The basketball arena is affectionately known as the “Dean Dome,” named after legendary coach Dean E. Smith.

  • Michael

    I’m a Carolina Law student, so hopefully I’ll be able to get involved in some way. (Oh, and go to hell, Carolina, go to hell! I grew up a Duke fan.)

    Gary the Pit Preacher is a bit of a celebrity among students. Here‘s Gary ranting about Chapel Hill being godless.

    While I can’t seem to find a video of Gary preaching at UNC, he’s not the only Pit preacher. Here‘s a video of another “demonstrating” that atheism is illogical, and this one gives you a view of the Pit. The building that the students are facing and behind the speaker is the Student Stores. Straight ahead from the camera is the Carolina Union, and behind the students is Lenoir (one of the dining halls. Behind the camera is the Undergraduate Library. (I’m not sure I’m allowed in there.)

    Having never been to UNC until about year ago and a half ago, but a life-long North Carolina resident, I was a little surprised just how, well, insignificant-looking, the Pit is for how famous it is.

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