When Dan Met Annie Laurie September 13, 2009

When Dan Met Annie Laurie

Dan Barker is the co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, along with his wife Annie Laurie Gaylor. Even if you’ve read Dan’s book, the story of how he met Annie Laurie is unique and hilarious 🙂

It involves an almost-lost letter and Oprah Winfrey:

My favorite bit comes at the 5:20 mark (but it makes more sense in context, so no skipping to it).

Can you even imagine Oprah doing an episode on atheism these days?

Me neither.

(via Secular Student Alliance)

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  • I’m an officer of a student organization and I recently made arrangements to have Dan come and talk to my group. I’m super excited about it, but also have no idea what i’m doing.

  • medussa

    About a year ago, I read Dan Barker’s book, which I found very compelling and well written. I then spent about 2 hours online, hoping that someone had uploaded that Oprah episode to youtube, but I failed.
    I would really love to see the moment when Dan meets his first atheist, lol.

  • llewelly

    I’m super excited about it, but also have no idea what i’m doing.

    With all the new atheist, freethought, secular, etc groups starting up recently, I’m sure he’s getting lots of experience giving talks organized by people who have no idea what they’re doing.

  • muggle

    I’d love to see the Ophrah clip too. Maybe we can convince Dan and Annie Laurie to upload it?

  • It’s out there somewhere. I’ve seen it.

  • What a great story 🙂

  • Siamang

    I’ve got to see that video!

    Especially with a hostile pre-packed audience.

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