God Sends Allen Iverson to Memphis September 10, 2009

God Sends Allen Iverson to Memphis

Basketball player Allen Iverson recently Tweeted this regarding his future team:

God Chose Memphis as the place that I will continue my career.

Apparently, God wasn’t feeling too confident because Iverson only signed a one-year contract with the team. The Memphis Grizzlies were ranked among the worst NBA teams over the past few years, never winning more than 25 games in a season.

Analysts are also not very optimistic about this pairing.

Considering Iverson is also coming off one of the worst seasons in his career, maybe Iverson should be thanking Memphis instead for taking him at all.

(Thanks to Hector for the link!)

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  • Erik

    There are some people around here getting on my nerves. If I pray really hard, will god send them to Memphis, too?

  • At least he’s not here in Denver anymore. Maybe God was looking out for the Nuggets a few years ago?

  • Meg McG

    Have you seen this?

    A service to care for pets of Christians once the rapture occurs and all the atheist animal lovers are left behind!

  • Justin jm

    When I first saw the title, I thought it was “God Sends Alien Invasion to Memphis.”

  • Andy D

    I don’t know Memphis is a pretty sweet city, I would be tempted to credit FSM if my job transferred me there.

  • When I first saw the title, I thought it was “God Sends Alien Invasion to Memphis.”

    LOL. That’s what I saw, too. Way cooler than Allen Iverson

  • Matt

    We don’t need any more nutballs in Memphis. Being a Memphian, I’d like to export some of the religious dingbats elsewhere..

  • Spurs Fan

    God must really hate Iverson.

  • I would wonder what I had done wrong if I got transferred to Memphis.

    When I was a Christian, and coincidentally after I had succeeded in a pretty tough Lenten fast, I had a string of awesome things happen to me. I, of course, attributed it all to God and thought it was a reward for remaining faithful through the difficult sacrifice I had given him for the past 40 days.

    Now I see that it was a normal, natural course of events combined with some very fortunate timing. Everything that happened was the result of an action I had taken at some point.

    The religious ignore cause and effect, and love to find reasons to credit the supernatural.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Fuck. Getting transferred to Mempiss seems more like punishment — unless, of course, one enjoys seeing something churchy every 3 blocks.

    But if the NBA doesn’t work out for him, the various city councils there would surely welcome him:

  • medussa

    @Meg McG: Thank you so much for that link, it made my evening.

  • TXatheist

    Yeah Meg, too funny.

  • I sent Allen to Memphis as punishment to Tennessee for not voting for Al Gore in the 2000 election. -God

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