I Danced at a Wedding… September 8, 2009

I Danced at a Wedding…

Over the weekend, my cousin got married. Even though it was a mixed marriage (she’s Indian and the guy is white), much of the wedding was culturally Indian. Which means there will be dancing. Not just mass dancing for everyone, like at a reception, but individual performances.

My family friends thought it would be hilarious if the guys in our group did something in honor of the occasion.

Them: It’ll be hilarious!

Us: Haha… no.

Them: Ok, so you’ll do it?

Us: No.

Them: Great! We’ll schedule some practices for you all.

So what happens when you take seven guys who don’t do Indian dancing and teach them some choreography?

This (I show up at the 0:05 mark on the right):

We’ll totally trying out for America’s Best Dance Crew next year.

The girl laughing/screaming in the background is my sister Nina who videotaped the whole thing 🙂

Enjoy it. Love it. Mock it. it won’t happen again anytime soon, I say!

Now, I believe some of you promised to make a donation

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  • Kate

    Erik and I want to hire you!!! Are you guys a package deal or do you come as separates?

  • Hemant, your sister’s laughing was a nice addition to the taping. Your dancing was actually not too bad. Looks like everybody had a good time.

  • Matt

    That’s not bad at all. Imagine the extra money you guys could make performing at weddings.

  • TJ

    Sometimes a person needs to have fun and possibly make a fool of themselves in order to feel like they’re still alive. 😉

  • Wendy


    /not acknowledging the Macarena tho.

  • Sesoron

    You know, before I started the video, I was thinking of Jai Ho, because it’s the only Bollywood song I and probably most Americans really know, but then I thought, “Nah, they probably picked some older classic I’ve never heard of.” Press play. “Hey, that sounds like the intro to Jai Ho. Oh wait, it is.” Well done, anyway.

  • Claudia

    My mind was wandering momentarily and then suddenly I heard words in SPANISH only to focus my eyes and see the Macarena!

    Mixed wedding indeed….

  • Jennifer Gray

    That guy in the green had some smokin’ hot moves! 😉

  • TXatheist

    Jaw dropping awesome.

  • Nicely done.

    And as a side benefit, Al Gore and I can now feel better about our own dancing styles.

  • Wendy

    Forgot to add…a man who dances is VERY sexy.

  • The Macarena was a nice touch. Good job.

  • Linda

    Wow, Hemant! Didn’t know you had it in you… 😉

  • You were totally doing the Thriller dance at 1:04 or so. Awesome. That almost makes up for the later instance of the Macarena.

  • Ron in Houston

    You’re much braver than I am. There’s no way you’d get me out there.

    Your sister has a very infectious laugh. Between her and the dancing it was just a very fun clip.

  • Jai Ho, thriller moves, the macarena! What I want to know is how many hours it took you all to get it that seamless?

  • Anna

    What a nice thing to watch in the morning! I think you all did great.

  • As a non-dancer myself, I think you guys were great.

  • Looks like you guys had a blast. What a hoot! That’s part of why I love Indian weddings, I love seeing everyone dancing.

  • Enjoy it. Love it. Mock it. it won’t happen again anytime soon, I say!

    The sequel is already in the works: Hemant II – Electric Vindaloo

    Just be thankful she married a westerner. If she had married a Taiwanese fella, you would have had to dance to horrible karaoke shrieking.

  • I coincide with Anna.
    This is a good to start the morning. =)

    You did a good choreography!

    And I wouldn’t do it myself…

  • Kurt

    Veeery nice. If the whole math teacher/atheism blogger thing doesn’t work out, you’ve got a future as a Bollywood dance sequence extra. Or, given the length of that scarf, the next incarnation of Dr. Who!

  • Lexi

    This is what I want from you as a wedding present if I get married. THIS. Well and maybe to preside, since you’re like an internet famous atheist yo.

  • Gabriel G.

    Who says that Atheists don’t have fun? XD

  • You guys are almost as good as the mimes for Jesus.

    (Just kidding)

    Congratulations to the new couple.

  • Richard P

    Great job Hemant
    Now turn that into a chip n dale routine, you could be into the big bucks..

  • Jon

    Well that was scary. But amusing too.

  • Matt

    You’re a good cousin. 🙂

  • Richard Wade

    I loved it. Looks like you were having fun, and that’s what made it fun for everyone else. That was a complicated routine. It must have taken a lot of rehearsal. I hope the couple have a wonderful life together.

  • Wendy

    Way to go, Hemant! I’m proud of you!

  • bigjohn756

    I would like to say, Hemant, that you will do that again whenever they tell you to.

    BTW, that was really a great dance, and, Nina’s whopping and hollering sure made a great background.

  • Shannon

    That was great 😀

  • Tinna G. Gígja

    Richarb: Please tell me you meant Chippendale…although Hemant as a giant dancing chipmunk would probably ne nice too…

  • mvanstav

    A Maz Ing

  • JulietEcho

    You got the prettiest color to wear 🙂 Fun stuff.

  • Devysciple

    That was AWESOME! Hemant, you gain Teh Internetz +1 and Indian Dancing +42!
    (both binding when equipped)

    Besides, having a great time and not caring about what other people might think of you is one of the keys to a happy and fulfilled life. Keep them moves comin’!

  • benjdm

    That was totally worth $10. 🙂

  • CatBallou

    Now I want to marry an Indian man.

  • medussa

    I am VERY impressed with how seamless the performance was.
    My only suggestion would be to emphasize the “Charlie’s Angels” poses a little better, pull the tableau together a bit. It seems few people even noticed, lol, but I was laughing my head off!

  • Demetrius Of Pharos

    Bahahhahaha, this reminded me so much of Tunak Tunak Tun!

    Uh, I really meant that in a nice way.

  • Tankred

    Satin purple and white are totally your colors, Mehta!

    Ever thought about taking this act on the road? You could even open for an AAI or SSA convention!

  • Well done Hemant! I think you all did great! 🙂

  • ZombieGirl

    Hehehe, cute.

  • NeuroLover

    As promised, you got an SSA donation from me out of that. Well done! 🙂

  • DreamDevil

    …. now I want to flick your ears…

  • NeuroLover

    May I also note the following:

    Charge will appear on your credit card statement as “SECULARSTUD”

    How appropriate! 😉

  • Yay! Thank you! That’s made my day,

  • GlenInBrooklyn

    Thanks for sharing. Not sure I would have had the nerve. But you did really well.

    I passed the link to an Indian friend who’s very serious boyfriend is from Colombia. That wedding could make the news….

  • RG

    How the hell do people remember all the steps… I can’t even make it through a chicken dance without messing it up.

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