Rubber Band FSM September 7, 2009

Rubber Band FSM

Kelli and Daniel witnessed an appearance of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in a pile of rubber bands!

Flying Spaghetti Monster Rubber

There’s a pun to be made here. I wonder what it is…

In any case, prophet Bobby would be proud.

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  • mikespeir

    This isn’t the TRUE FSM, this is an idol. Idolaters!

  • Eric

    FSM does not endorse the use of rubber bands as an homage to His noodly goodness. All such effigies must be made of pasta (various denominations prescribing their variant). However, FSM does allow for rubber to be used as a prophylaxis against unwanted future pasta consumers, and to hold on yer eye-patch. Thus sayeth the Lord, RAmen.

  • ChrisZ

    I dunno, I think that’s kind of a stretch . . .

    (someone had to)

  • ah, the blasphemous, elastic wit….

  • This year for Christmas, I’m, planning on designing and building a huge FSM display in my front yard.

    Start your planning early.

  • That looks more like His nemesis, the Flying Linguini Monster.

  • ah, the blasphemous, elastic wit…….

  • mikespeir

    That looks more like His nemesis, the Flying Linguini Monster.

    Except, where are the horns and pointy tail?

  • Ubi Dubium

    His noodliness manifests Himself everywhere, from fireworks to cloud formations, flowers and piles of rubber bands. The website for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is full of all sorts of miraculous appearances. Indeed, the universe is a frikkin’ noodly place.

  • Nice to see His Noodliness on the bounce.

  • Mark

    That’s great, but I wonder if you realised that the DC metro was made in his image:

  • Mark

    The image was lost, attempt two without the html:

  • I gotta give this one snaps.

  • We just found an “A” in a rock the other day. Now the FSM appears in another image! We must be nearing Judgement Day! Must get. Noodles!

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