Thanks for the Gift Box September 6, 2009

Thanks for the Gift Box

Well, this is very nice of the church to offer…

(via nakedpastor)

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  • medussa

    Haha! Love it, needs to be a t-shirt….

  • Country Crock

    This is great. I posted it on my Facebook page. Perhaps someone else will dis-friend me today. Already happened once.

  • mcbender


  • Erp

    If they do dis-friend you, point out it was a Christian minister who drew the cartoon.

  • Ha. I can see the counter arguments already.

  • Neal O


  • This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 9/7/2009, at The Unreligious Right

  • Amy G

    I agree with medusa… this would be a great t-shirt!

  • Karen

    That really hits the nail right on the head!

  • Jon

    This could be funny if it was at all based in reality.

    Atheism is very dogmatic as well. Try making an argument for theism on this blog and the only response is criticism and insults.

    The atheists are afraid of opening the reality box.

  • Baconsbud

    Jon are you sure you actually understand what reality means? While you are at it do you know what rational, irrational and reason all mean?

  • Siamang


    You started it.

    There are a lot of Christians here who don’t get insults. Perhaps you could ask them their secret.

  • Dan W

    Wow, seems we have a troll on this blog, huh? Jon, you won’t get insults if you post rationally and don’t start by insulting the atheists here.

  • medussa

    Hey, Jon!
    I’ve responded to so many of your posts, and yet you’ve never responded except to insult and whine about the hostile treatment you receive. Not once. I know others here have had the same experience.
    So, you think maybe, maybe, that’s why you get no respect around here? You don’t interact, you just throw judgements and empty lines around.
    I have to wonder what your social life is like since your communication skills are so poor, and I predict it’s pretty sad.
    I do feel sorry for you.

  • Jon

    medussa – I have not responded with insults. The problem is that certain atheists are offended by rationality.

    Since you brought it up, my social life is wonderful. Thank you for being concerned. Would you like to hang out some time?

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