The Joy of Godless Sex September 5, 2009

The Joy of Godless Sex

Now here’s a talk that you won’t want to miss:

“The Joy of Godless Sex” by Fred Edwords

When it comes to sexuality, two sizes don’t fit all. Nor does one institution. That’s why a nontheistic, humanist approach recognizes sexual diversity, individuality, freedom, and responsibility. And that’s why humanists continue to work for an end to needless guilt and repression and actively call for a broadening of human possibilities and pleasures.

The event takes place in the Marvin Center Amphitheater at The George Washington University on Wednesday, September 16th at 7:00 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public.

I’d love to know what people are asking during the Q&A portion of the night…

The event is being put on by wonderfully-named Science and Knowledge Empowering People to Intelligently Choose (SKEPTIC) at GWU.

(Thanks to Shelley for the link!)

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  • There is no room in my sex life for another god. 😉

  • Ron in Houston

    Wait – no God? Who can I talk to then?

  • I don’t think I can live without sex. It’s just natural to look for it since it’s an instinct and at the same time a need to be satisfied.

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