Ray Comfort Hits the Bargain Basement September 2, 2009

Ray Comfort Hits the Bargain Basement

Even at a discount of over 80%, Ray Comfort‘s book is still not worth it. And with the additional magazines WorldNetDaily wants to throw in, it gets to the point where they would have to pay you to accept the package.

I’ll wait till they make me an offer.

(Thanks to Brett for the link!)

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  • It’s worth noting that WorldNetDaily is so lacking in credibility that even conservatives have begun to disclaim it.

  • Matto the Hun

    I don’t know… I’m gettin’ kinda stoked about that “Islamic Anti-Christ” book… what if everything I know about the anti-Christ is wrong!? what, you mean it’s not Barrak Obama now, it’s that creepy dude on the cover with the beard in a hood?

    Speaking of Obama I also have a hankerin’ for that Birther book “A Question of Eligibility”. I’m sure the source material for that is every right-wing e-mail forward and tapes of the Glenn Beck show.

    But back to the anti-christ, am I the only one who always felt like that was a really lame thing to call this uber-bad-guy? It sounds like something some hack come up with at the last second.

    Bizarro-Jesus would have been better (or is that a completely different guy?)

  • Ooh, they’re even autographed! I still don’t want one.

  • Shane

    Call me once they get cheaper than toilet paper. Then we’ll talk, Ray.

  • Jay

    Call me once they get used a toilet roll. Then we’ll talk, Ray.

  • The Other Tom

    One of the things that bothers me most about christians is their hypocrisy: Ray Comfort makes a big pretense about being so upright and good and moral, and then he names his book with a petty insult rather than turning the other cheek.

    The nice thing about this, on the other hand, is that a lot christians are sufficiently wishy-washy and focused on surface niceness that if you point this simple fact out to them, some of them will become disillusioned about the book.

    They really don’t know how to handle when you point out to them that their leaders are violating the very moral principles they pretend are so important, and do it in such a way that the facts can’t be willfully ignored.

  • BathTub

    Guess they have to clear stock before Nothing Created Everything hits the shelves.

  • JustinTempler

    What a scam. You get the book for $4.95 but they preauthorize your credit card for $49.95 and you have 3 months to cancel a subscription to Whistleblower magazine or you get charged the full $49.95.

    That’s almost as good as the free credit report Ben Stein is hawking that requires a subscription to get your “free” report.

    ..and they accuse us of having no morals????

  • ChameleonDave

    I’ve just had a browse through the book at Amazon. It’s hard to conceive of someone doing a better job of misunderstanding the theory of evolution.

  • Matto the Hun

    One of the things that bothers me most about christians is their hypocrisy: Ray Comfort makes a big pretense about being so upright and good and moral, and then he names his book with a petty insult rather than turning the other cheek.

    Gee and here I thought Ray was being ironic after a fashion considering he’s looked at the evidence for evolution and made a conscious decision not to think.

  • I love the tagline of the book:

    “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think”

    Should actually be:

    “You Can Lead Christians to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Them Think”

  • cypressgreen

    If the price drops enough…I have a table with one short leg.

  • Ray Comfort makes dumb arguments for dumb (or socially brainwashed and conditioned)people. Of course, his evangelistic strategy is to keep the majority of the current believers “in the fold” and most of them are, well, you can guess it. (either dumb or socially brainwashed and conditioned)


  • Darwin’s Dagger

    Comfort is such an inept moron. He’s done more to convince atheists that they are right than he has to convert any of them back to his stale religion. If there is a God, Ray, you’ll burn in hell just for being so bloody incompetent.

  • Demetrius Of Pharos

    @ Matto the Hun;

    But when you think about it, in the Bizarro-universe everything is the same but evil right? Sort of like Spock with a goatee. Now, what do we consider evil – spousal abuse, child abuse, slavery… seems to me like Bizarro-Jesus is the one we got stuck with.

    Which I guess means ‘anti-Christ’ is going to be some dude who sounds like a leftover from the peace-and-love crowd.

  • Sagan’s_Ghost

    Is not this the intellectually challenged dolt with the banana? The one that fits the hand perfectly and disproves evolutionary theory??(designed by god) who needed help from genetic engineering courtesy of Mendel).

    Trouble is there are legions of poorly educated, irrational religionists that believe this drivel.

  • Sagan’s_Ghost:

    Indeed, Ray “Banana Man” Comfort is the one of whom you speak. Please visit my blog. After Hement posted here, I put up a trifecta of videos of this clown: his original, an MST3K-style mocking, and a scientific spanking of his “facts.” I hope you enjoy.

    Hemant, sorry for blog-whoring, but I hope you understand. Keep up the good fight!

  • I thought that wnd site was also being satirical… ha ha ha. Great issues, not. Those aren’t subjects I’d want to read about.

  • Abraxos

    I see so many posts here that just call Comfort names, rather than make statements that refute his contention that the universe is too well-ordered to be the result of unintelligent design. Really, that’s what atheism is, a belief in Unintelligent Design.

    Atheists can’t really say the universe has no design, because everything in nature is very well designed, down to basic atomic particles, all the way up to fantastic galactic structures we see through the Hubble Telescope.

    If all you’ve got in your arsenal is name calling rather than rational evidence and logical discourse, you’re not defending your belief in atheism very well.

  • Richard Wade


    Atheists can’t really say the universe has no design, because everything in nature is very well designed, down to basic atomic particles, all the way up to fantastic galactic structures we see through the Hubble Telescope.

    Everything is well designed according to. . . . . you.

    This is merely your assertion, based on your personal idea of what “design” is, and your personal opinion that it is “well designed.”

    If you are claiming that this design is real and therefore necessitates a designer, then the burden of proof falls on you as the claimant. Please present your evidence, preferably the designer itself. Adding more of your own assertions based on your personal taste and opinion is not evidence, but just a repetition of your first assertion. Making the same claim in a variety of ways does nothing to support your claim. Evidence, please. Evidence is not a mouth going up and down. Evidence has three dimensions and has mass.

    I worked as a designer and with designers for 20 years, and what I see in nature, especially living things, is a mess. It’s not designed. None of it would win any design awards. There are things in nature that would get a designer fired. So much of it is overly complex, full of wasteful redundancy and the leftover parts from obsolete forms. Complexity does not indicate design. It indicates the mindless process of natural forces over extremely long time periods, unguided and uninfluenced by any conscious intention. Good design is marked by simplicity and efficiency. Living things, when you really look closely, are a crazy quilt patchwork. Not designed, not overseen by a guiding mind at all, and certainly not made all at once, just as they are now.

    Nature is beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s you and me. The universe is wondrous and awesome. Wonder and awe are the activities of healthy, curious human minds. The universe has no beauty, wondrousness or awesomeness by itself. We add that when we look at it. And when we look very closely and very patiently, we see beautiful, wondrous and awesome mindless forces at work.

    Comfort deserves all the derision he gets because he deliberately twists and misrepresents science, he fails to understand even the basics of any theory that he criticizes, he conveniently ignores evidence that contradicts his claims, and he fails 100% of the time to produce any evidence to support his claims. The only unsettled debate about him is which is greater in him: his deep, deep ignorance, or his deep, deep insincerity.

    He argues like a sleazy used car salesman trying to sell a broken down piece of junk. Only a fool would buy it. He appeals to the lowest in people, to their fear, to their ignorance, and to their childish desire for things to be simple and easy. He is a very poor representative of Christianity, and Christians should be embarrassed by him. Many, to their credit, are.

    Abraxos, continue to believe in God if that is what is right for you. But stay away from Comfort. He is a lying con artist who only wants your money.

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