A Child Questions Noah’s Ark September 1, 2009

A Child Questions Noah’s Ark

I’ve never seen the USA show Psych before, but this clip makes me want to start.

The background: Each episode begins with a flashback of main character Shawn Spencer‘s life. That flashback somehow connects to the present-day plot.

Just watch the first two minutes of the most recent episode, “The Devil is in the Details… and the Upstairs Bedroom” (you’ll have to close the advertisement):

I love children who question everything. (Maybe because I’m not a parent.)

(Thanks to Vicky for the link!)

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  • hilarious! I may have to start watching Psych again. I enjoyed the first two seasons.

    I find it ironic and amusing that the actor who played the priest in this episode also plays Satan on Reaper. You might also remember him (for those of a certain age) from Twin Peaks where he played both Leland Palmer and “Bob”.

  • Psych is an awesome show with a highly skeptical bent, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. On top of that, the writing is especially note-worthy for constant pop-culture jokes, many of which are obscure and hilarious. Style-wise, it’s like a combination of an intelligently written Ace Ventura, MST3K, and the Venture Bros.

  • Psych is my husband and I’s favorite show. Like freelancer said it doesn’t take itself too seriously and has some really quick back and forth between the two main characters.

    I recently found your site and I love it. Keep up the good work!

  • Laura

    I never realized that this show was FILMED AT UBC!!!

  • J. Allen

    Reminds me of the Firefly episode where River tries to fix the Bible.

    “Keep on walkin’ preacher man”

  • twirlgrl

    I AM a parent & I encourage my kid to question everything. This results in dialogues with my 5-year old like: “Wash your hands.” “Why?” “Because they have germs on them.” “What’s your proof?” It’s all good though. Better than mindless adherance for sure!

  • Laura

    (Agatha jumps from Koerner Library, and the priest has his office in… wait for it… the chemistry building!)

  • cathy

    I used to be a really big psych fan, but the last season really put me off with its ever increasing use of homophobic slurs (ranging from that’s so gay and ‘don’t be gay man’ to using the term farie as a slur). It particularly annoys me because it was not present in the earler seasons. I just got back to college (the only place I have cable). I’ve decided to give it one more episode before quitting it if it does not fix its problem.

  • Amyable Atheist

    You’ll like the show, Hemant – I consider it to be kind of the 1-hour drama/comedy counterpart to Mythebusters, with Sean applying reason and observation to debunk the supernatural material that Adam & Jaime won’t touch (for obvious reasons of scientific method and that pesky old business about disproving a negative, lol).

    This season there’s a very enjoyable new running gag taking unsubtle cracks at CBS’s “The Mentalist” as a shameless rip-off of Psych, which it clearly is!

  • Love love love Psych. Great skeptical show that always brings the funny.

    As for the Noah’s ark thing, I never believed it even when I was a Christian. Nothing in the story makes sense. Much to my wife’s chagrin I now always look for kangaroos when I see artwork that depicts the Ark. 😀

  • Monika

    That kid was great! Could have been me as a 5 year old, I remember asking our pastor, about how Kain could have found a wife somewhere else, if Adam and Eve were the first people on earth… The pastor did some explaining, I remember beeing even more baffled.

    Oh well, I guess that question was the first step on my way to atheism.

  • Woo! Thanks for using my link 🙂 I sent it in right as I was watching the episode…
    I got a bit worried as they began talking about exorcism, I was afraid for a second but then they pulled it together nicely.

    Fantastic show!

  • Chas

    Not so much about Psych (wish I’ve liked the episodes I’ve seen), but about Noah:

    As we’re non-believers, my 8yo daughter only knew of Noah as some guy on a boat with a lot of animals.

    She was reading a Darwin biography which talked about the worldwide flood as the one of the previous ideas why shells got on top of mountains. She wanted to know more about the Noah story, so we started reading the bible passages.

    She looked absolutely horrified when she found out that god decided to drown the world. “He thought even babies was bad?” she asked incredulously. She never finished the chapter.

  • mike

    Apparently this embedded video starts downloading before any user interaction, thus using up all of my bandwidth whether I want to watch it or not.

  • Richard P

    I’ve never heard of this before, it was great…

  • jerry lee

    Apparently this embedded video starts downloading before any user interaction, thus using up all of my bandwidth whether I want to watch it or not.

    Use firefox with the Noscript & Flashblock add-ons. They’re grrreat!

  • Looks like the kid was thinking about this picture 🙂

  • stogoe

    I never realized that this show was FILMED AT UBC!!!

    Yeah, it’s filmed in Vancouver. Psych is one of my favorite shows, and this bit cracked me up so much. I also loved that they got in the “7 of the clean, 2 of the unclean” part, when nearly everyone knows it as “2 of every animal”.

  • Goliath

    This episode gives a very nice explanation for the hundreds(thousands?) of exorcisms done in the past 30-odd years. Before then, who knows what people were on?

  • Psych is a great show and is on Hulu for those who haven’t seen it before or need to catch up.

  • First I will openly acknowledge that I am of the christian faith. Not following the rantings of the mega churches or quasi-christian beliefs like jehovah wit christian scientist etc etc etc. I believe in faith but still go to the doctor. I have read and studied many versions of the bible. I have recently even studied or learned about other religious belief systems.

    Lets take Noah’s Ark for example. In ancient Sumarian text the hero giglamesh (sp?) built a boat and started humanity over. Uh, this story occured well before the Jewish people were established by God.
    the problem today in reading and understamding any belief system is the context of the message. To most people around this age in time the worl was a small place, the technology primitive at best. The knowledge of the world about as far as a man could walk or ride.

    Most societies at this time were hunting/gathering based.

    Seashells on mountains? hmmm, let me see, plate tectonics, volcanoes, many natural events have formed and raised these mountains. Perhaps they were once part of an ocean or shallow sea. Perhaps I am mistaken.

    My point is that you can take any form of belief including agnostic and Atheism and turn it into a hate filled anti social and misguided path. God knows that Christianity is not what most people today want it to appear to be. Have we forgotten the Holy Wars and Crusades. How many wars have been fought in the name of one god(s) or another?

    I choose to follow the teachings of Jesus. Love thy neighbor, Worship God. Give my 10 percent to help the widows and orphans. Give service to help others and yes to witness. However, unlike a lot of religious groups when a person tells me not interested, then that is it. He/she will never see or hear from me again. Jesus did not tell his followers to nag, nag, nag. Nor did he command us to kill those who do not choose to believe. He simply stated spread his word, love others as I would love myself.

    I am tired of the bickering about religion, seperation of church and state. If no one realizes that the words of the 10 commandments are not a part of American history and culture then I truly feel sorry for them. When the founding fathers said seperation of church and state they simply meant so the church could not sieze power as had happened in Europe. What a mess that time in history was.

    However I do agree that “In God We Trust” does not belong on our money, for that matter neither does the Masonic symbol as well.

    As for the 10 Commandments, it has been an excellent guide in teaching our children about note hating, stealing, cheating, lying and on.

    Before you go on about about the 1st “Worship only the Lord Thy God and place no others before me”, the AA manual puts it Eloquently, Some other form of higher power than yourself! Note no mention of any one religious system.

    The church I attend is a small church, we foll0ow the teaching of Jesus. Our Pastor has a regular Job. A goodly sized portion of our tithes go in community assitance helping those in our community that need help. Home repairs, bills, food, yard care, house cleaning etc etc etc. Not once do we push God or Jesus on to those we help. We do invite them to special events such as the annual sweetheart dance, the Harvest Festival.

    We do not use the shock and Awe haunted hoses alot of so called christian groups use. Our actions speak for themselves.

    We sing and pray to God then members stand up for prayer requests and give news of those in the community needing help.

    I grow a garden every year. When it starts producing I harvest. I always take what my wife and cannot use and give it quietly in the night to those on my block that I know need it. To date no one here knows. I want no praise, no recognition. Oh recognition? Remember you do not even know who I am here so in essence you do not know me.

    Just stop the hate, We already have Leaders that are trying to tear this country down.

    No matter your belief practicing love and charity and helping those who need help will go way farther than arguing about which group is right.

    Oh yeah some members of our church practice Easter, Christmas and other holidays and some do not. I do not because it is over commercialized and has detracted from the truest meaning to include that they are based upon pagan holidays. They were created by the Catholic church to draw pagan believers into the fold of the Church.

    Lastly, the Bible, in it’s current form was based upon the decisions of the first members of the Catholic church. There are many other books that were not included because they caused question to what the Catholic Church’s idea of who God and Jesus were.

    Just learn to live together peaceably.

  • Sorry folks I missed a couple references. Watch the History Channel sometime expressly Decoding the Bible. The Ideas set forth on this program are excellent and does wonders for anyone. Very good explanation of the Garden of Eden. I am a firm believer that there were other people during the existence of the Garden. The Fruit that was eaten could very well have been man learning Agriculture.

    Noah’s Ark something similar very plausible geological/Natural disasters.

    Sodom and Gemorah, perhaps a quaint bed time story told to children of the time to teach them about hospitality.
    reread the story thinking along these lines. Makes sense.

    Have fun!!!

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