Help My Friend Win This Contest? August 31, 2009

Help My Friend Win This Contest?

Several weeks ago, I asked readers to help out my friend Kim in a contest in which she was entered:

The Cirkus Prinsessan Festival is a competition/showcase in Sweden for female circus artists.

They are searching for the “world’s best female performer” and 14 candidates will advance to the finals. 13 chosen by a panel of judges, and 1 chosen by the YouTube viewing audience. All finalists get an all-expenses paid trip to the finals in Stockholm!

The winner of the competition also gets 60,000 Swedish kronor (about $7678), a trophy, a three-month contract with Circus Scott, and the title of CircusPrincess 2009.

Apparently, they realized YouTube wasn’t the best venue for a fair competition… so they changed the way voting works. I don’t know how that’s allowed, but it’s being done.

It’s even easier now.

All you have to do is go here and click on “vote”. They ask for your name and email (I just unchecked the “newsletter” box) and that’s it! You can also vote via Text Message.

As I write this, the person with the most votes has 354. We can change that, yes?!

Here’s the video that Kim is entering with:

She’s awesome, yes? Let’s send her to Sweden. Thanks!

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  • Nicole C.

    I just voted. Kimberly now has 307 votes. Only 51 more and she’ll be in the lead.

  • Rest

    315 votes now. Loved the performance.

  • cypressgreen

    Neato! 1 more vote!

  • Richard Wade

    Beautiful. And another vote.

  • Done!

    330 votes.

    Her performance was great.

  • Chal

    25 votes behind now.

    Don’t like the first place one that much. Probably because I can’t stand the music…

  • Bob H

    One of my favorite bands in this piece, Sigur Ros, from Iceland!

  • Stephanie

    What is the name of this song?? I’ve been searching for it for days.

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