Child Setting for a Microwave August 30, 2009

Child Setting for a Microwave

I approve of this microwave setting:

(Thanks to Josh.f13 for the link!)

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  • So how long does the child setting take? My microwave doesn’t have one, so I need to know rough equivalents…

    Or maybe I should just use the oven, it was how the witch in Hanzel and Grettel did things. 😉

  • Shane

    If your microwave doesn’t have a “child” setting, you can use the “pork” setting and get very good results.

  • bigjohn756

    My Panasonic microwave doesn’t have a ‘child’ setting, but, it’s an 1100 watt unit so maybe that’s too much for a child.

  • Microwaves? Wow, I thought I was in the midst of baby-eating connoisseurs. Everyone knows the oven is the way to go.

  • Sometimes I just don’t have the time, John.

  • Todd

    Babies should never be cooked in a microwave. Only a slow turn over an open fire can bring out the succulence and sweetness of toddler meat. Save the microwave for quickie dishes of puppies and kittens.

  • Epistaxis

    Since I’m cooking for one, I usually keep most of it in the freezer and just cook a small morsel at a time. Then it seems like a waste to use the oven.

  • plum grenville

    Why cook at all? A real gourmet eats baby tartare.

  • Sarah

    I am surprised I didnt see this on your site! I immediately thought of you.

  • @Epistaxis – So is there a defrost setting?

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