Atheist Comedian Releases New Album August 25, 2009

Atheist Comedian Releases New Album

Keith Lowell Jensen has made a name for himself as an “atheist comedian” with the Co-Exist comedy tour.

His latest album, To The Moon… Live at Luna’s, is available for purchase today.

I had a chance to hear it and I liked it — It’s nice to hear the work of a comic still working his way up the popularity ladder. While he doesn’t tackle religion on this particular album, he does have a fantastic bit about Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vaccination crusade and there are plenty of geek-related jokes (e.g. Microsoft Vista, tech support, time travel) that a skeptical audience would appreciate. I would love to hear a collection of his religious bits, but Jensen has said he’s saving those for a future release.

If you’re used to hearing comedy albums by Dane Cook or George Carlin, who perform(ed) at venues seating thousands, this is a very different type of CD. Luna’s only seats about 50 people and, as a result, the album has a very intimate feel to it that may be a bit jarring for some. But it works for Jensen, whose jokes seem suited to a smaller audience. Even though he’s not discussing atheism, he has a great opportunity to take over a comedy niche by exploiting superstition and pseudoscience in the future.

Support an atheist comedian and check out the album.

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  • How dare you use Dane Cook and George Carlin in the same sentence? Seriously, man; that’s like comparing the acting abilities of Madonna to Katherine Hepburn. Guh…

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