Australian Athletes Against Homophobia August 24, 2009

Australian Athletes Against Homophobia

I can’t imagine any American professional sports team doing this.

So kudos to the Australian Wallabies rugby team for supporting a campaign to fight discrimination against the GLBT community.

(Thanks to Scott for the link!)

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  • Geoff

    I suppose they mean well, but actually, it’s who you are that matters, sporting prowess is sort of irrelevant.

  • Richard P

    I assume there talking about the sport. about what happens on the field.

    Way to go guys,

  • Valdyr

    They’re infringing on the right of rugby fans to be homophobic assholes! Rabble rabble!

  • medussa

    Amazing. I’m trying to visualize the 49ers doing that. Or the Raiders. Or anyone else, for that matter.
    Oh, right, the local lesbian softball league would bring that. And no one would notice.

  • If anyone has ever seen a rugby scrum…

  • He looks hot! opps that is not helping.

    /sarcasm off

  • weaves

    I guess I have a face rugby team to support now 😀

  • Way to attract supporters.

  • Lilith

    I’m an Aussie and I hadn’t heard about that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Good on them. I admire them for standing up like this – You don’t see too many burly sporty guys doing things like this.

  • Elsin Ann Perry

    That reminded me that Mark Bingham, a gay athlete, was a passenger on Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9-11. He was a true hero that day. September 16 is officially designated Mark Bingham Day in San Francisco.

  • Scott Turner

    Look at those smiles! Who wouldn’t do almost anything those players asked?

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