Caption Needed for This Picture August 22, 2009

Caption Needed for This Picture

You may have already seen this photo at PZ‘s site from our visit to the Creation Museum:

The Secular Student Alliance needs a good caption for this image for our own nefarious purposes 🙂 Something short, sweet, and hilarious would be greatly appreciated. We might as well generate the collective wisdom of the internets.

You will be duly rewarded if you have the best entry, I assure you.

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  • The Adventures of PZ Myers: The Last Atheist Cowboy

    Edit: I am totally subscribing to this topic.

  • Creationism Post: Evolution myth shattered after PZ Myers rides a dinosaur

    Not the greatest show on Earth: PZ Myers disproves Charles Darwin and evolution myth by riding a dinosaur

  • The adult in me loves science while the kid in me loves to play make-belive!

  • mikespeir

    PZ Myers: 6000 Years Ago

  • Kelly

    PZ Cowboy iz here, ridin ur dinoz…

  • gwen

    The Creation ‘Museum’ emphasizing the ridiculous!

  • Erp

    PZ found a young triceratops and sat upon it, as it is written.
    “Do not be afraid, O Museum of Kentucky; see, a scientist is coming, seated on a triceratops’ colt.”

  • I’m in ur “muzeum,” ridin ur dinoz.

  • PZ Myers confesses to being god after seen riding dinosaur.

  • Brian C Posey

    Marshall, Will, and Holly
    On a routine expedition
    Met the greatest earthquake ever known.
    High on the rapids
    It struck their tiny raft.
    And plunged them down a thousand feet below.

  • PJG

    BFFS 4EVA!*

    *Does not include most of time.

  • Johann

    Applied Paleontology
    Cretaceous Cowboy
    Ride of the Biologists

  • Before he became a Colonel, he was but a mere Rider.

    All of your dinos is belong to me!

  • PZ Myers takes creationism for a ride.

  • Ron in Houston

    Hmmm, I’m at a loss to come up with anything better than my favorite:

    Cretaceous Cowboy

  • No one of consequence

    Readings from the book of Dr. Dolittle to the Corinthians…

  • Demetrius Of Pharos

    “Museum”: You’re doing it wrong.

    Using an algorithm to equate your estimates of the Earth’s age with traditional estimates, I’ve determined that I’m well under the age of 12 and HOLY SHIT I’M RIDING A DINOSAUR!

    The story goes PZ made a deal to save someone he loved. He’d be normal during the day, but at night, in the presence of creationists, the Rider takes over.

    Colonel PZ and the Secular Calvary to the rescue!

    Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?

  • Don’t try to understand them,
    Just rip, taunt, and tease them,
    Raw Hide!

  • Jay

    Always brilliant, PZ Myers takes the trike by the horns and solves humanity’s addiction to fossil fuels… by riding the fossil itself.

  • Ubi Dubius

    Riding a dinosaur. So easy an atheist can do it.

  • quixotic

    Militant atheist PZ Myers rallies the SSA horde(troops/mob/etc) for battle.

  • Tom

    “Hey mister, you’re too heavy, I wasn’t designed for this!”

  • Mario

    PZ’s gonna ride’em dirty!

  • Shawn

    And I thought Creationism smelled bad on the OUTSIDE!!!

  • Johann

    Always brilliant, PZ Myers takes the trike by the horns and solves humanity’s addiction to fossil fuels… by riding the fossil itself.

    “Save fossil fuels, ride a fossil.” Love the idea. 🙂

  • creationists, riding dinosaurs sure is fun. i doff my hat to you, good sirs.

  • Rob

    So easy a caveman can do it….


    Only a caveman would wear those shoes with that suit.

  • Dave B.


    or perhaps,

    What would Jesus ride?

  • Superdave

    Seeing is Disbelieving.

  • Nicole C.

    The following image is a dramatic reenactment of historical events, and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Mommy, can I have another quarter?

  • Renacier

    Onward….to Science!

  • Baconsbud

    I like Judith’s,Tom’s, Telepromter’s and others are good ones.

  • Gordon

    Taking the dinosaurs back 😉

  • First they cloned the dinosaurs.
    And the dinosaurs took over the world.
    Now the only hope for the human race is a rogue atheist from the 21st century.

    PZ Myers is “The Dinosaur Whisperer.”
    Coming soon to a theater near you.

  • Here are a few of mine!

    Back in the saddle again.
    ride ’em cowboy.
    the ultimate creation.
    8 seconds = 6,000 years.
    6013 years and we’re still alive.
    You should see him ride ken ham.
    Eve made him do it.
    Secular Student Alliance get PZ a “real” education.
    sponsored by the Secular Student Alliance.
    Saving the world one Dino at a time.
    This ham actually has a brain.
    Look Ma no hands
    “museum” = FAIL

  • gski

    PZ having a gay ol’ ya-ba-da-ba-do time at the Creation Museum.

  • Roy

    Dr. Squidlove or How I learned to stop sinning and love the trinity.

  • quixotic

    “Battle not with monsters lest you become one.”
    – Friedrich Nietzsche

  • quixotic

    “Tulta munille!”

  • “Using an algorithm to equate your estimates of the Earth’s age with traditional estimates, I’ve determined that I don’t actually have to stay on the full 8 seconds.”

  • Mario

    PZ in BC

  • I made this when I first saw this picture weeks ago.

  • Karen

    P.Z. Myers:
    A Hog-Killin’ Time
    Bitchin’ Bronco Buster
    Hot as a Whorehouse on Nickel Night
    Monkey Ward Cowboy
    Pullin’ Our Donkey’s Tail
    Rode Hard and Put Up Wet
    Rode Out on a Rail
    Saddle Tramp Scalawag
    Standing the Gaff
    Stringing A Whizzer
    Tall Hog at the Trough
    Techy as a Teased Snake
    Three Ways From Sunday

  • weaves

    The Second Coming is on a Dinosaur

  • Myles

    PZ takes a wild ride at the Creation Museum upon a 6000 year old three-horn.

  • Anfractuous

    Mr PZ’s Wild Ride:

    PZ Acceleratio Semper Absurdia

  • Richard P

    PZ Myers demonstrating early biblical caveman dexterity.

  • Not only did humans walk side by side with the dinosaurs, they rode them also.

  • Richard Wade

    PZ realizes that on a Ceratopsian, he’ll never keep up with the Four Horsemen.

  • Richard Wade

    PZ was so drunk that he didn’t know the mechanical dinosaur ride outside of Wal-Mart had stopped running ten minutes ago, but he was still having a great time.

  • Farks

    “Wilma, I’m Home,” “Willllllllmmmaaa!”

  • Sandra

    PZ’s take on the Creation Amusement Park “Museum”
    Happy triceratops trails to you…
    Awww….is the ride over already?

  • NassT

    On the seventh day god created the inter species relationship. Then, as he relaxed, watched videos of it on the internet.

  • Eigenvector

    “The arguments in the creationism museum are so old and laughable that when i first heard them i nearly fell off my dinosaur!”

  • valdemar

    The new chairman of the Doug McClure Appreciation Society prepares to deliver his inaugural address.

  • Stephen P

    The fifth horseman.

  • AxeGrrl

    PZ to the anchiceratops: “I know we only met a few moments ago, but I felt an immediate connection”

    anchiceratops: “I did too” *batting yet-to-evolve eyelashes*

    -cut to a wedding invitation-

    Officiant: Dan Savage

    Location: Laurie Higgins’ front yard.

  • bananafaced

    Dinosaur Rodeo, the taming of the triceratops.

  • Cone10

    “A rack of ribs will definitely tip us over at the drive-thru. We’re gonna need a bigger dinosaur!”

  • Atheist on Dinosaur: circa 2009.

  • He is an a-theist, not an a-riding-dinosaurist.

  • “get along little godless”

    “the good, the bad and the godless”


    “hi ho silver, away!”

    “the antediluvian antics of pz meyer”

    “pz meyer, the dinosaur whisperer”

  • Andrew C.

    Your argument is irrelevant, PZ Myers is riding a Triceratops.

  • Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be creationists…

  • Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be creationists…


  • bigjohn756

    Which one is the real triceratops?

  • Myles

    Think this is crazy? Wait until you step through the doors.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    evtujo: “hi ho silver, away!”

    Almost. Try: Hi ho dino, away!

  • Notagod

    PZ covers Tops Jesus down in the well.

  • Jeff Purser

    Yippee ki-yay Mother Nature!

  • Ross

    Now a man riding a dinosaur is a leap of faith, but a dinosaur in the same room as a power socket?
    That’s just plain gullibility

  • Josh V

    PZ Myers: Conquering Creationism one Dinosaur at a Time

  • thilina
  • Robin

    If this picture doesn’t make you laugh, perhaps you haven’t evolved enough.

  • Jean-Pierre

    #1 PZ on a Dinosaur: almost as silly as the Creation Museum

    #2 Funny: PZ on a Dinosaur, Absurd: Creationism Museum

  • Brg

    Onward, Cthulhuian soldiers!

  • qbsmd

    “The secularists have taken this fun “photo op” item and childishly made a big deal out of it…—implying that this was an actual museum exhibit to show human/dinosaur coexistence.” Creationism: so stupid even the creationists can’t believe it.

  • Once again it is shown that dinosaurs favor the atheist.

  • In less than 5000 years (scientifically, five kiloyears), the triceratops micro-evolved camouflage for the modern educational setting.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make the event. Work kept me.

  • Wayne

    How about, “P.Z.: Myered in creationism, as usual”

  • You cannot turn away an atheist on a dinosaur like this.

  • elflocko

    And on the 8th day, god created jackasses…

  • freddies_dead

    and you thought you’d never see a hippo riding a trike…

  • Christophe Thill

    Creashun scienz:
    ur doing it…
    not so bad akshully

  • Brad

    And they say we weren’t monkey like!

  • Luke Warmbucket

    Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be creationists.

  • Luke Warmbucket

    …to be cowboys or creationists.

  • Rel Curio

    “Professing himself to be wise, PZ Myers became a fool.”

    Reference: Romans 1:22

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