Starting a Camp Quest in Texas August 18, 2009

Starting a Camp Quest in Texas

If you build it, they will come.

Amie Parsons, an atheist, couldn’t find any good summer camp for her child to go to, so she began a Camp Quest of her own!

“It’s just a camp, for kids, who want to have a camp experience without having the religious dogma placed upon them,” she said.

“We really want to encourage students to look around them and their surroundings such as the sky, the clouds and the sun,” Amie explained. “We want them to ask why and how.”

It’s only a one-day camp, but it has attracted 31 kids!

Next year, they will hopefully be able to expand to a full five-day camp.

That’s impressive. It shows how much one person can accomplish if she has the will and motivation.

What have you done for atheism lately? 🙂

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  • I supported the Secular Student Alliance financially by fulfilling my pledge during Jen’s Blogathon.

  • Siamang

    I didn’t do anything.

    But related to this story. A friend of mine has a son who wanted to go to a local fencing gym that has a “Jedi Camp.” Totally unlicensed by Lucasfilm, and they’d get their butts sued off if Fox or Disney found out about it.

    But anyway.

    She found out it was really expensive. So she’s going to invite a bunch of neighbor kids over and a bunch of parents and they’re going to make a one-day Jedi Camp in her backyard! Awesome!!!!

  • Ron in Houston

    Way to go Amie. We need more Texans like you.

  • medussa

    What have I done recently??
    I just joined the Kiva Group with the scarlet letter A and donated $100.
    Oh, and I joined the Foundation beyond Belief, no donation yet.

  • Don’t tell me what I can’t do

    I haven’t done shit for Atheism. One reason I’m an Atheist is that I don’t like people guilting me into doing shit for them, like they do in church. That was a really annoying ending line, Hemant.

  • I’ll be donating to the Foundation Beyond Belief (even though I didn’t get the website-darn it!), and I’d love to start a Camp Quest here in Colorado now that my daughter is old enough. I never thought of a one day camp-that could be a great way to start! Something to get working on for next summer.

  • I’m participating an an AIDS walk with a bunch of other people from Tacoma Atheists. It’s not much but it’s something.

  • The North Texas Church of Freethought is thrilled to sponsor Camp Quest Texas, and we’re very proud that of all the work that our member Amie Parsons has done so far organizing volunteers and recruiting parents and kids.

    We’re also excited to see a strong positive response from the other member organizations of the DFWCoR.

  • TXatheist

    Finally some good news out of Texas cause yesterday we got riddled for good reason.

  • William

    I cannot wait to be a part of this. I am proud of Amie for what she is doing and am looking forward to this weekend.

  • Liz

    How strange. You don’t value life when it comes to an infant who is even a few days before it’s actually due date (a baby can survive outside the womb at only 6 mos gestation), but yet you’re against the death penalty even for scumbags who rape, torture and murder children?? Where do you develop screwed up thinking like that? Glad your group doesn’t design roadmaps. We’d all be lost.

  • Jude

    I don’t feel any obligation to do anything for atheism. That’s sort of a sick idea to me. I leave the proselytizing to the Christians.

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