Nampa Classical Academy Can’t Use the Bible August 16, 2009

Nampa Classical Academy Can’t Use the Bible

Remember the Nampa Classical Academy in Idaho? The charter school that planned to use the Bible as the primary source for teaching material, and had conservative Christians serving in advisory capacities? The school that was a lawsuit waiting to happen?

The Idaho Public Charter School Commission has told the school not to use the Bible.

The Nampa Classical Academy says it had planned to use the Bible and other religious texts as a primary source for instruction but not to teach religion.

But the Idaho Press-Tribune reported that the commission released a memo Friday saying the state Constitution “expressly” limits use of religious texts.

School board Chairman Kyle Borger says the school will follow the commission’s directive.

That’s a good first step, but Idaho residents should still keep a close eye on the brand new school. Even if the Bible isn’t being used as history text, there’s still reason to believe these kids are being denied a proper education.

There’s no sex ed, they teach an America-is-the-best! version of history, and they still are teaching “multiple creation myths” — something that hasn’t been fully explained.

(Thanks to Brielle for the link!)

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  • …America is the best, obviously. World War II involved Japan attacking the US then instantly committing hari-kiri because they were stupid, then because the USA had noone to fight, they went and saved the world from Nazi Germany. And nuked the French.

  • veritas, I think you may have that backward. The war in Europe was over before the Pacific War was.

  • Yes, I may have been mildly wrong with every bit of that previous sarcastic assessment, but hey!

  • billybee

    I live in the Nampa area and this is a BIG sign that things are changing in our society. I think that it demonstrates that conservatives are finally loosing their full grip on the political steering wheel in Idaho.

    ooooh.!!…gotta run…..I think I just saw a torch and pitchfork go past my window….

  • Richard Wade

    I sure would like to hear more about those “multiple creation myths.” Are they going to use the word “myth” when talking about Genesis?? Really?

    They sure as hell better include the Samoan creation myth. That has just as much validity and credibility as their favorite one.

  • Lost Left Coaster

    I was going to add that I certainly hope that they discuss the Dreamtime of the Aboriginal people of Australia!

  • michele

    If you do not like it don’t send your kids there. When I went to school we had both the creation and evolution give the kids a choice. So for people here who, like to be viewed as open minded, sure looks like a lot of close minded people here. Also, if America is not the best why does everyone want to be educated here and want to move here? We are the best you need to live elsewhere where your freedom to even voice your opinion is limited so count your lucky stars people fight everyday for your freedom to voice “your” opinion and everyone has one!

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