Cutest. Babies. Ever. Nom Nom Nom. August 14, 2009

Cutest. Babies. Ever. Nom Nom Nom.

I asked for pictures of you as babies dressed in costumes and you delivered!

Reader Lorry‘s daughter never needs another pair of clothing. Just wear this nonstop and all will be right with the world:


This costume worked for BlagHag Jen as a child, and I will petition for a revival this Halloween:


I don’t know reader Tony‘s daughter, but she is now the posterchild for what I will do with my child one day. Look at her. She loves it!:


Staks took his son to the Wizard World Philly Comic Convention a couple months ago and dressed him up Jedi-style. The child better enjoy it. I suspect this is the only time in his life when dressing up as a Star Wars character will attract 3099023 ladies 🙂


Reader Jeff wins the prize for best baby costume, though. He and his wife joined in on the fun — that’s what I call family unity:


Hopefully, everyone now has ideas of what to do with their children.

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  • Jeff’s picture is making me hungry.

  • Richard P

    so it’s true, atheists do eat babies!!!!

  • Carlie

    Now I want to have another baby just so I can dress it up like a lobster. Also, link.

  • Thanks, Hemant, this is the best birthday gift you could have given me today! It’s delicious!

  • I was so cute, what went wrong? =P

  • I wish I would have known! I have such a cute pic! 🙁

  • Hahahaha, beautiful. Nice one, Hemant.

  • Jochen Bedersdorfer

    To Jeff and his wife: Best pic ever! The look on the face of the baby is priceless. Well done!

  • Ron in Houston

    Yeah Jeff – wonderful – the little hat is just too funny.

  • Stan

    Lobsterbaby kicks ass.

  • Jedi Orion was happy to see his photo posted. The Force is strong with him.

  • Dan W

    Great pics. Loved the last three the most- Yoda baby, another Jedi baby, and lobster baby. Cool.

  • Wendy

    Congrats on the win, Jeff!! That’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  • Erik

    I remember several years ago a local restaurant here in Charlotte actually advertised like that last pic. They had a picture of the chef holding up a big pot with a baby in a lobster costume. Wish I could remember the restaurant.

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