YouTube Video: Christian Tries to Convert Hindu August 13, 2009

YouTube Video: Christian Tries to Convert Hindu

I can’t decide whether or not this is a Poe.

If it is, it is very well done.

The first few seconds alone are pure gold.

Even if it’s a joke, and even though I was never Hindu, I’m pretty sure this is what my high school experience would have been like had I stayed in Tennessee…

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • Roku

    It’s not a Poe…

  • Eric

    “A regular one, and an Indian one.” Hehe.

  • Andy D

    This can’t be real. I really want to believe this is a poe.

  • Christian Ridley

    Does this girl think India is in Africa? Oh dear..this doesn’t help the stereotype that Americans don’t know geography!

  • Alan E.

    “I know it’s not the right path.”

    “It’s like an Asian person and an African person had a baby.”

    So much win and lose at the same time.

  • Sackbut

    Aargh. That was painful. The whole discussion about whether Saraa was Asian or African, the insistence that Saraa was wrong about her own ethnicity and beliefs, the appeal to Pascal’s Wager, the sheer ignorance of the girls’ comments, the complete lack of respect for Saraa, all made me want to scream. Saraa was remarkably polite about the whole thing, but she seemed pretty uncomfortable at the end.

  • Alan E.

    “You are not Hindu. You just think you are.”

    “Do you celebrate Christmas?”
    *rolls eyes*

    Where is the interesting and insightful conversation?

    Oh but the ending was great! She took that so well.

  • Richard P

    ugh!! sorry couldn’t make it past 2:12.
    No matter how much you hate yourself. You should not torture yourself by watching this. No one deserves to watch this kind of mental Degradation of the human species.

  • I would love for that to have been a joke, but I think it was 100% real.

    My mouth was hanging agape for most of that. I wish Saraa had a world map to aid her geographic explanation. Saraa also tried to say at one point that there is no one right religion.

    I think that Molly truly expected the “I don’t know if I can be friends with someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus” bit to change Saraa’s mind. She was genuinely surprised when Saraa said she needed to go.

  • These girls look and act eerily familiar. I think I went to school with their mothers.

    Man, I am SO proud to be from the South right now.

  • Richard Wade

    After two minutes of that belabored and contrived inanity about “African kinda person in Asia whatever,” I decided that this is a Poe. A funny Poe, but a Poe nontheless.

  • This is definitely a Poe. DEFINITELY. Nobody is this thick and offensive..??!

  • littlejohn

    I call poe. Really well done poe, but a poe. The girl in the middle reminds me of Sarah Silverman, both in general appearance and style of deliberately offensive humor. No way that was real. Nobody’s that stupid.

    And Hemant, it’s disturbing to learn you’re not “regular.”

  • 100% Poe. Check out the channel page’s main video “Showing off some of the BEST JOKES EVER”… “Molly” struggles to hold back from laughing at their conversation.

    Watch from 0:55 to 1:30…

  • noob here, what does poe mean?

  • ccubeman

    Poe’s Law. It’s the difficulty of telling fundamentalist parody from real fundamentalism – since they’re both equally ridiculous.

  • Sackbut

    noob here, what does poe mean?

  • Thank you, google was failing me

  • Matt

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • This is for real. And it’s disgusting. Even after watching her jokes video, I’m convinced she’s just utterly stupid.
    Sad to say, the level of conviction (though not the lack of geographical knowledge!) reminds me of myself and others I knew back in the day… thank god I deconverted!

  • Poe. The girls seem to be smiling a bit here and there as if they’re stuggling to keep a straight face. I could be wrong, but I’m leaning toward a pretty well executed Poe.

  • I think it is real. This is exactly the kind of thing that a Southern Baptist church would encourage. I’m not even kidding. It is scary and sad.

  • Honest question here: does any other faith group actively attempt to make converts?

  • Mriana

    Oh brother! *rolling eyes* The Xians in this video are really making themselves look like idiots. I didn’t even finish watching the video. They are so ignorant of others that is not only ridiculous, but but shows total ignorance. It is obvious they have not learned about anything except their own religion. Of course, Sara/Sari, not sure how she pronounced it, has an idea of Xianity, she isn’t totally knowledgeable about it either, but she doesn’t appear quite so ignorant. I think she should have said, “forget this video” and left or something. I would have and I might have added that they needed to educate themselves about others before they went around talking.

    Aaron Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Honest question here: does any other faith group actively attempt to make converts?

    I think Muslims do, but not quite like that.

  • CiCi

    hahaa thanks for posting the link – i couldn’t stop laughing, especially when molly explains to sara, “You are not Hindu, you just think you are…”

  • Stephan Goodwin

    Please let it be fake.

  • WTF? Indians can’t be regular friends?

    “Like Indians are Hindus”
    and Muslims and Sikhs and Christians and Buddhist and …

    “India is like African?”

    “When I like see my friends and they’re going to hell…”
    Volumes, that speaks volumes.

    “You’re not open enough … this is hopeless.”
    “I don’t know that we could be like friends.”

    Multi-culturalism Fail!

    I wonder what she’d do if confronted with an ex-christian atheist?


  • Tizzle

    What’s a “Poe”, and where did that word come from? Thanks.

    Also, I had to stop at “why aren’t your eyes pointy?”

  • Becky

    I’m leaning with the Poe group, because I desperately want it to be.

  • Raghu Mani

    Well, “Molly” has posted on the Richard Dawkins forums indicating that this is indeed a Poe. Here’s the link. Scroll to near the bottom of the page to see her post.

    Of course, no way of telling whether or not the one who posted on the Dawkins forum is the real “Molly.”

    One one conclusion can be reached from all of this – Poe’s Law is verified once again 🙂


  • Bethor

    Poe or, like, not, I had to turn it off after, like, less than 30, like, seconds (and now I need to take a shower after writing this).

    I’m sorry but peppering every sentence with “like” and “you know” in between every other word really, really makes you sound like a dumbass.

  • Peregrine

    Like, um… you know, Poe or no Poe, or whatever, I can’t like, um… you know, get past the teenie-bopper talk. Or whatever.

    (*EDIT: or like what Bethor said, ’cause like, you know, I didn’t see that comment before posting, or whatever.)

  • Meister

    Is this an episode of “Dumb and Dumber go to Church”? I get the impression they are confused about Christianity more than the Indian girl. The two “regular” girls haven’t a clue as to how politically in-correct they are being. When did they stop teaching geography in school ?!

  • JulietEcho

    It’s the best-executed Poe I’ve ever seen if it is one. I’ve seen similar conversations IRL and could absolutely buy this one being genuine.


    Full of cringe-worthy awesome quotes though.

  • Aj

    They sound like one of the SNL characters Kristen Wiig plays, it’s incredibly anoying. It’s as if they don’t think before they say anything, so there’s lots of pauses, “yeah, ya know”, and changing direction.

    If I want a definition and google fails you, try

  • This can’t possibly be real. Please, please, please tell me that these girls were able to run through this whole routine and not bust up laughing. After all, the one girl never takes off her sunglasses, and there’s a bunch of edits in there when they couldn’t keep up the charade.

    Please tell me this. Because otherwise the whole thing is simply appalling.

  • Aj

    If you* want a definition and google fails you, try

  • medussa

    That was painful, whether Poe or not.
    I couldn’t get past the “It’s like Africa and Asia had a baby, whatever”

  • flawedprefect

    FTW… Me too wishes this to be a poe.

  • Mike z

    It’s not real. Look at her other videos.

  • Mervyn

    Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a Poe, just ignorance and bigotry.

  • This video whether a satire or not prooves Poe’s Law. I find the girls to be narrow minded and a bit racist. It seems so ridiculous that it must be satire, right? However, I do happen to know fundies that are just as ignorant and narrow minded as these girls appear to be. So it is very possible that this video is not satire. That’s how it prooves Poe’s law. I can’t tell the difference.

  • It’s a Poe. Look at her other videos. She makes it … pretty obvious that her channel’s a joke.

  • extrajoss

    Definitely satire.

    Everytime I see one of these though, it just reminds me how accurate Poe’s Law is. The comments are proof enough that most people are willing to accept it as real.
    Fundies are just sooo ridiculous that you just can’t out ridiculous them enough to be real humour. The editing and other videos give it away for me.

    Mind you, I still find it hard to believe that the whole “Westboro Baptist Church” thing, isn’t some elaborate hoax. So I could be wrong.

  • This is obviously a political satire of? the status of the world by three atheists.

  • Yeah, that “hindu” girl isn’t even really a good actress… she’s having too hard a time holding back the laughter.

  • Robert.

    “Proves” has one “o.”

    Yes. I am a dick.


  • Not the best Poe, but clearly a Poe.

  • CYKA

    Wow, that’s like, um, super stupid. Yeah.

    The veneer of insanity is rice paper thin in these two racists.

    It always amazes me how well most clinically insane people function, and how close they are to the rest of us. The difference is a fraction of a fraction of one percent, just like the DNA difference between humans and chimps is less than one percent. These two twits are incapable of relating to anyone outside their little cloistered mudhole environment. They are embarrassingly colloquial and apparently have no independent thought beyond the basic biological needs. They seem to be some kind of clownish androids. With people like this, there’s really no hope for humanity.

  • Aj

    I wonder if this is the type of persuasion that made Bobby Jindal a fundamentalist Christian.

  • Nina

    I feel sooooo bad for poor Saraa. Those girls are dumb (er, uneducated…). Their narrow-mindedness was painful for me to watch.

  • I’m saying very well-done Poe. But .. man… reealllly well done.. Damn. I’m not even sure..

  • Noo… Gotta be Poe…

  • …Or not… I think it’s real. This is a Poe Hall-of-Famer.

  • keddaw

    Comedy gold!

    Thanks for that.

  • TXatheist

    I had a very similar thing happen while in college with a Buddhist friend. I didn’t lecture him but he started out by asking “who is this jesus guy?” I laughed so dang hard when he asked it like that.

  • Yeah Nena, you’re a dick. I’m sorry my misspelling offended you so.

  • valdemar

    Just get the sheer vanity of Molly. She thinks losing her friendship will prove the clincher and make a Hindu a Christian. So much for deadly sins, I suppose. I hope Saraa can find people who are a lot less stupid to hang out with.

  • kevin

    the stupid… it burns!!

  • justanotherjones

    I vote POE. One of my favorite parts (paraphrased)…

    Saraa: “Christianity is not the only religion.”

    Rachel: “But it’s the right one….. (glances enquiringly at Molly) …… right?”

    well done!

  • The African country in Asia took the cake.
    But I liked the end!

  • Eric

    Quit discussing this video as if it were for real.. it is obviously a joke..

  • Ben

    Fake! Totally fake! But hilarious.

  • nonfictions

    I’m laughing, but some of the things that the “host” says is really cringe worthy, disrespectful, ignorant and annoying.

  • Handbot

    Poe. She clearly suppresses a laugh in the first ten seconds after the “regular friend and indian friend”

  • ayer

    The fascination of the atheists on this site with this video is strange. Even if it is legit, so what? So two ignorant Christians made a video showing their ignorance–is that supposed to show that all Christians are ignorant?

    If that’s so, then why (for example) did Christopher Hitchens so embarassingly lose his recent debate with Christian scholar William Lane Craig (as one atheist blog put it: “Frankly, Craig spanked Hitchens like a foolish child”)

    see )

  • Kenlahar

    It’s a Poe. Look at the tags for the video and you’ll see “Poe’s Law”. If you watch her other video “Going green with god” it’s equally ridiculous.

  • This has got to be a Poe. One of the channel’s fav’ed videos is this one.

  • Christie

    LOL I so want to think this is a poe but unfortunately there really are people who argue like this and are sincere. Its ridiculous!

  • Ricky

    This is a joke. Come on guys. Don’t fall for it. Almost as scary as people believing in an invisible God are people who believe whatever is said on the internet. Watch more Edward Current.

    Great video! A laugh all the way through! A “normal” person and an “Indian”. It was a little disturbing when she said to “Open your arms and let Jesus enter you.”, but then again, Mohammad did worse. Aisha was only 9 when he entered her…

  • Chiara

    I think it’s satire. I felt that way as soon as she reached for the cereal box…

  • Chiara

    Not to mention the “I have to go eat my rice”. Clearly not real.

    Sorry for double post

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