Derek Rodgers Saved By His Noodliness August 13, 2009

Derek Rodgers Saved By His Noodliness

You may have already heard that atheist Derek Rodgers was expelled from the Creation Museum after wearing a shirt reading the bus campaign slogan, “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

The words “No God” were large, front and center.

(pic via Young Australian Skeptics)

Derek was told by museum staff to turn his shirt inside-out, and he did. Later, he was telling some friends in the museum gift shop that he wouldn’t buy anything because he didn’t want to give the museum any more money.

A family overheard this and complained to museum staff, saying that Derek “ruined their vacation.” (That’s funny. Seeing the exhibits in the museum ruined mine.)

Mark Looy (below, background) confronted Derek and told him to leave:

Looy also kicked out a documentary film-maker who captured all this on tape.

Looy’s actions were unwarranted but I suppose he needed to save face. 300+ atheists were there and not a single incident?! That would be horrible for PR! Perhaps Derek was just a scapegoat for the museum.

In any case, they made another mistake.

Looy confronted Derek in front of a green background. And as anyone who watches The Colbert Report knows, you don’t do that unless you want someone to change the background.

Which reader Chuck did:

He Sees You

So that’s why Derek came out of this situation looking so good. He had His Holy Noodliness looking over him!

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  • The guy in the foreground has the one of the Ugliest Ties Ever. What is that, a barberpole from Emerald City?

  • Epic win.

  • Chief

    Man, these are getting to be too predictable! I saw the 2nd picture and thought “Why are they on a greenscreen? Oh, this could be trouble.”
    But really, couldn’t we get a bunch of angels scoldingly wagging their fingers? Or a mob of people sticking out their tongues and generally making fun of a clueless Looy behind his back?
    (Firefox needs a better spell-check. Doesn’t recognize greenscreen or scoldingly)

  • Why do they HAVE a green wall? Asking for it!

    I want to paint my walls green now… Looks like it could be a great source of fun.

  • Kurt

    I propose that the next prize contest be “Best Remix/Alteration of Photos from the Creation Museum Visit”! Of course, after this one, we’d only be shooting for second place.

    Any unusual-colored solid background makes it easy, and there must be hundreds of source photos floating around by now.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine if hordes of fundamentalists started regularly attending atheist events. I mean, we started the precedent, so why not?

    It would be interesting to see the result. Would it look like one of those standard town hall screamfests about health care?

  • I want a green wall!

  • Cypress Green

    This could be the next “Tourist of Death!”

    Oh, and the top photo…is that the Men In Black waiting to ‘flash’ atheism out of him?

  • Even before I read the article, but scanned that green wall photo, I knew what was coming (as an short video/filmmaker)

    Very funny.

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