There’s Probably No Cod August 11, 2009

There’s Probably No Cod

***Update***: Picture is here:

(Thanks to GreyTheory for the link)

I haven’t come across a picture of it yet, but this is entertaining.

Greenpeace has put a billboard up in Halifax and Ottawa in Canada. It reads:

“There’s probably no cod. Now let’s stop overfishing & think of the future.”

Nice spoof of the atheist bus campaign 🙂

The ads will be up for the next month and, yes, they will also be put on buses.

(Thanks to Shawn for the link!)

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  • Valdyr

    I love it. I can’t help but imagine, though, that if it were some religious slogan being parodied, there would be huffy editorials somewhere, if not an outright call to have the “offensive” ad removed.

    (As a gamer geek, I’m also reminded of the excellent “Cod of War” unlockable costume in Sony’s God of War. I’m too easily amused by punning, I think.)

  • That’s quite funny. I like it.

  • Peregrine


    I don’t have to imagine. I distinctly remember a few years back reading a huffy letter to the editor complaining about Molson’s “I Am Canadian” campaign.

    This person apparently took offense because of some Biblical passage or other. where god refers to himself as “I am” or something like that. My best guess from Google is a King James translation of Exodus “I Am that I Am”.

    All some people need is an excuse to complain.

  • Ironically the people of Halifax probably won’t get the joke — because they weren’t given a chance too.

  • If there is a bible belt in Canada, then it would be Nova Scotia. I would like to see the atheist campaign go through Bible Hill (actual name of a place).

  • Dom

    HAHAHA That is hilarious! 😀 I’m sure Richard Dawkins would put his shades on and dance on the table reading that slogan.


  • GreyTheory
  • Yes! I knew there must have been a good reason to keep my monthly donations going!

  • I love it! Kudos to Greenpeace for having a sense of humor while also spreading an important message. I can just hear the conservatives’ eyes rolling, though.

  • Does this mean that the atheist bus ad campaign has reached iconic status? I am impressed.

  • This is freaking hilarious.

    And it’s an excellent sign of our progress. If we’re in the public consciousness enough to be parodied, it means we’ve arrived. (That’s more or less what Madonna said about being parodied by Weird Al Yankovic.)

  • Aj

    I like it, wordplay is fun. I hope this is a sign of success in how the atheist ads were recieved. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

  • *applause*

  • I think I am offended. 8~D

  • jemand

    it’s awesome!

    And hey, “think of the future” is actually an implicit atheistic slogan anyway, we ain’t going to be spirited off the planet any minute now…

  • Kaylya

    I guess ads haven’t run in Halifax yet, but, they’ve been mentioned in the news about a month ago and supposedly they will be running now. And given the media coverage with the rejection, people undoubtedly have heard of them… honestly, more so than had they just quietly been run with no controversy.

    In Ottawa, I only saw the ad a couple times while it was running. And that’s not because I didn’t spend much time around buses. But all the coverage while they were rejected and then approved (where the letters to the editor and such from religious folks were generally supportive) and then when the ads were actually running (where there were more “I’m offended” letters) makes sure people know about them.

  • Shawn

    Does this mean that the atheist bus ad campaign has reached iconic status? I am impressed.

    I’m guessing not. My guess is some Greenpeace PR wank came up with it and loved the pun so much that they wouldn’t let go, despite the facts that the ads haven’t run here in Nova Scotia, and the ruckus outside the blogosphere is minimal. I don’t think those coattails are as long as they think.

    We’re supposedly going to get the real bus ads here, but haven’t. The ads were originally rejected, then, after a landmark case in Calgary in the heathens’ favour, the regulatory body mentioned they will allow the ads if another application is filed. I remember reading that somebody or other said they would reapply, but haven’t heard anything past that point.

  • Bekka

    Tee hee, greenpeace and atheism, two of my favorite things!

  • I believe the saying is: Imatation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Will billboard companies refuse to run the ad because it might offend Christians? I think it would be funny if a bunch of Christians misread it to say God instead of cod.

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