Virgin Mary Makes an Ironic Appearance August 9, 2009

Virgin Mary Makes an Ironic Appearance

Well, this should pose a problem for devout Catholics everywhere…

The Virgin Mary has been found in a–well, see for yourself:

Of all the places for a virgin to appear…

I would love to know if someone noticed that post-coitum or if they just shaped it that way. Either way, I’m disturbed.

(I don’t know where that image comes from, and I can’t find it elsewhere, but I’d like to give due credit… if you have any idea, please let me know.)

(Thanks to Doug for sending the pic!)

***Update***: The image has now been properly linked to Riemann’s Cut, where it originated.

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  • Aj

    Are you sure that’s not Darth Vader?

  • Alec

    Hah, it looks like the picture was taken in a classroom.

  • Hah, it looks like the picture was taken in a classroom.

    Holy crap, it does.

  • medussa

    I love it!!! And man, do I ever want to hear what fundamentalist idiots have to say to this…

  • Maurilio Mesquita

    Hum… I think it don’t really matters so much… Classroom’s are good places… 😀

  • Alex

    Paredoilia is interesting. Now that the Virgin has appeared in a bird turd, perhaps human turds should be examined for her divine presence.

    It would be easy enough just set up a toilet seat about a piece of construction paper and then examine the turd for any imagery reminiscent of the divine.

    The next person would obviously get a clean pice of construction pager.

    How long before we would find the Virgin or Jesus being revealed in turds. They could be plasticized and sent around the country.

    No longer would barkers cry “we have shit in a jar,” but “we have Jesus, lord of creation, in a jar of shit.”

    Happy days.

  • Ron in Houston

    I love it!!! And man, do I ever want to hear what fundamentalist idiots have to say to this…

    Well, technically, fundamentalist Christians think the whole virgin Mary veneration by the Catholic church is a form of heresy.

    In general, since the Catholics are more into icons, they tend to be the ones that “see” thing in odd places.

    You guys really need to understand your opponents.

  • JulietEcho

    There are fundamentalist Catholics as well as the fundamentalist Protestants who are louder in American culture.

    Also: gross.

  • Johnny

    Hey, there’s some “liquid” in it! It had been used!

  • mikeycub

    Guess we can’t call her the VIRGIN MARY anymore…HAH

  • anu

    we here would agree that religion is a cancer that feeds on ignorance and fear.

    It is most likely the poor and uneducated have such “visions”. This is funny and upside down.

  • anu

    hay is that my avatar?!? whowa how did you get… My mind has been blown.

  • medussa

    Thanks, Ron, you’re right, I shouldn’t just assume they’re all the same.
    Nevertheless, I don’t have the time or energy to really keep track of the fine differences between believers of superstitions…
    And Juliet: VERY GROSS, I agree.

  • Robyn

    Oh, ew! AHAHAHA! Best one of those I’ve ever seen.

  • Stoi

    The immaculate contraception.

  • paul

    Must be the second coming!

  • Alonzo Fredo

    Held upside down, in a classroom… Anything can look like anything… Question your mind, not your God, whoever he, she or it might be.

    Faith works to dismantle doubt, but in reality, doubt is what keeps us honest with ourselves.

  • Never go in without a skin.

    Also what’s gross about it?

  • littlejohn

    Why does a virgin need a condom?

  • Gabriel

    Is it for sale on e-bay?

  • donrocin

    Its the second coming!

  • Kurt

    Well, you know what the Bible has to say about this: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”.

  • hahahhah

    well….. glad to see the teacher is protecting himself….lol

  • stephanie

    Oh, man. Now *that’s* funny.

  • Gabriel

    Is the christwire a poe site?

  • rick

    Does this mean the Catholic church is going to start approving of contraception now?

  • Phil E. Drifter

    Haha what kind of a loser uses rubbers when they fuck.

  • Nicole

    Dear Phil. There was no explicit description of how the rubber came to be filled. Have you never heard of a “posh wank”? This is a much more likely scenario considering the classrom location. For further research try looking up “soggy biscuit game”.

  • Gabriel

    The kind who don’t want to catch a disease or a child.

  • John

    dude, for people who are supposed to not believe in God, u spend an awful lot of time looking Him up in weird places. live ur lives people. dont believe, who gives a fuck, but dont waste ur and our times dissing those who do.

  • It’s a better likeness than many other so-called appearances. Plus I have to feel that should the BVM actually be a real person, she would be suitably appreciative of her simulcrae.

  • Makis

    Actually is not the second coming,its the second cumming!!!:p

  • medussa

    Nicole, I don’t think I really want to know what those games are about, lol.
    And Jon, what are you doing wasting your time admonishing others not to waste their time on something you claim to be neither offended by nor support? Truly confusing.

  • JR Dobbs

    Well, I must say it looks better than the one in the marmite lid. I have to agree, though, that it does look rather a lot more like Darth Vader.

    And also that, yes, know thy enemy, fools. If you go about acting like asshats about something that people don’t even do/believe in, you will only be made to look even more foolish than they do.

    An Anonymous Areligiousite.

  • Richard

    Why is it always that a woman in a hood is Mary or a hippie dude with a beard is Jesus?

    Maybe the fella in that piece of toast is just John Lennon and the chick in the hood is Florence Nightingale.

  • AxeGrrl

    Gabriel wrote:

    Is the christwire a poe site?

    My favourite comment from that site so far:

    “Abe, you do realize that you just posted a photo of a condom filled with semen on your christian web site, right?”

  • Cliff

    Ave Maria!

  • Aggie

    Well, at least this shows the christianity reach is good.

    At least even though ppl claim they are atheists they still have the divine in their heart and minds. Which is important.

    Real non-believers are those who do not even think of the divine in anything.

    Praise and thanks be to GOD.
    In nomini Patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti. Amen.

  • jim

    I don’t know about you but I think religion is fucking funny. That’s why I like to spend a little time with it once in a while.

  • kate

    hahahaha the second coming hahaha that made my day 😀

  • I guess every sperm is sacred.

  • Cristiana

    This ain’t funny!


    I saw Darwin in a cheeto twtst. hmmmmmmm

  • nolife blogger

    So, I guess every sperm is sacred after all.


    And on the seventh day he rested. lay?

  • Twisted Logic

    That’s not Mary! It’s Princess Leia!

  • Ryan

    Princess Leia, Mary…..6 of one, half a dozen of another. Both have about equal likelihood of ever appearing.

  • Neal O

    Lol brilliant! Tell me where so I can go on a pilgrimage.

  • Gillani


    Please do not hurt others in the process of exercising your right to free speech.
    How does ridiculing someone’s beliefs help the cause of intellectual transparency and scientific honesty?
    Sounds more like plain ignorance.

  • Evan

    I love how a bunch of Christians have actually come on here to leave ridiculous comments. We discuss religion and Christianity, not because we have some belief, but because we find the stupidity of believers to be amusing. We insult believers and Christianity because they believe in a spaceman who raped some random girl so that he could be born as a human, etc.

    I am basically trying to say that Christianity is a sham that cannot, and will not affect the more independent and thoughtful minds in this world through actual belief in an invisible, inactive God. The fact that we are smart enough to realize that God isn’t real, allows us to ridicule Him and know that there is no chance of us being wrong about it.

  • Asura

    Because beliefs are making the world a horrible place, and should be confronted for the delusions they are.

  • Ryan

    Now, now…Let’s not fault Christians for believing in what they believe in. I don’t fault the Romans for their polytheistic beliefs not more than I fault Christians in their monotheistic approach. All cultures tell myths to explain the unexplainable. Religion, truth be told is Mythology. Christians will believe in those ridiculous crazy stories (I mean really, did Noah really live within walking distance for the animals to get to him? And if God really is “perfect”, how can something that is perfect, create imperfection a.k.a. man. Doing so, makes Him fallible). Anyway, I digress. We don’t believe, they do. There is absolutely no proof of His existence, we know this. Yet they will blindly follow based on blind faith. Neither view can be proven or disproven. I just think it’s sad that Christian’s minds are usually so closed to any other possibility other than their own view of things. Usually not nearly as receptive to views that challenge theirs.

  • Aggie

    That’s the problem with unbelievers. Just because they do not understand something they do not believe it.

    Just like the tribal people in Papua who do not believe how letters can be sent through wires (if they even know what a wire is).

    Well, at least we know e-mails exist.

    Many things or existence exist, it’s just that we do not understand it yet. I’m guessing our technology is like papua, while the divine is beyond new york, which leads us to not believing many things.

    This is based on the teaching that all knowledge comes from GOD, that means computers too. Btw, isn’t it strange our tech leap is only based on a few people like Newton and Einstein. If based on statistics, we would be very far in the future by now, unless, of course, GOD chose to reveal the Tech through chosen ones. 😀

    And, choosing to disprove religion is actually a good thing. It shows U really have the divine at heart and chose to find it through curiosity rather than swallowing blindly. But anyhow, trust the divine but do not trust the earthly, which includes yourself.

    Stop lying to yourself and say u discuss because u find it funny. In truth, u r just like everyone else. Looking for that special something……….

  • Mick

    Aggie, your arguments are flawed and reverse psychology is so 1991.

    “Just like the tribal people in Papua who do not believe how letters can be sent through wires (if they even know what a wire is).”

    I could say the same about you, and the scientific fact that is evolution, but I wont, because I’m too busy laughing at THE SECOND CUMMING!!!! Maybe Gabriel should have used a condom when he raped Mary. Then we wouldn’t have had this issue of Jebus–the bastard son of a rapist–to worry about.

  • Miranda Kai

    I have an open mind and I respect your beliefs. Sure, that looks like the sillhouette of virgin mary. But the thing is, honestly, I think that instead of spending your time bashing on other people’s beliefs you should decipher your own.

  • Aggie

    Wow, strong words, Mr.Mick. Why get so upset. I didn’t say atheists believe in GOD.

    I’m just putting my opinion on how real atheists should be and explaining why many atheist are not actually atheist. (they are like that because they are angry at life and/or existence). But if they look closely and open their heart,they will find answers.

    If a girl/guy-(just in case) loves you and tries her/his best to show you her/his love, it will mean nothing if u turn a blind eye to it. That’s why we get so many stories of unrequited love. People do not return love if they do not accept or believe the other person loves them. However, it does not mean that the other person’s love do not exist.

    Same with the divine, if u turn a blind eye and close your heart to his love, you will never know, feel and accept how much he loves us and will not believe it exists.

    Anyway, no matter how much u do not believe, it is a fact that the most special person in the world is Jesus. He does not have paternal earthly genes. (call him a bastard if you like) Means if the original sin is transferred through paternal genes, he is the only person in the world without original sin. Since his father is not of earthly origin. Everyone that existed has earthly paternal genes (sin) except Jesus.

    Interesting fact, since people at the time do not understand genetics and according to unbelievers, make a hell good of a story.

  • stornase

    Just like love between actual real living persons huh?

    The key word for you here is “real”

    “you have to believe to know”

    or maybe you have to free your mind to know.
    how’s that for a fact?

    your glurge and circular logic are pathetic excuses for an argument

  • Rafael

    “he is the only person in the world without original sin”….

    So… Will I pay for things that my ancestors have done, even if I guide my life as jesus *supposedly* did? Ohh… your god is really all loving… thank you, OH might one!!

  • Well… Here is more about religion to get informed…

  • redwhiteblack&blue

    There isn’t and shouldn’t be any fact in religion. That denies it is based on faith. Jesus was most likely just a guy who had a good idea of how to treat other people. It doesn’t take divinity to be selfless. Atheists simply regard Christianity the same as any other religion, mythology. You can believe in whatever you want, hopefully it is all a means to the same end – caring about other people.

  • me

    redwhiteblack&blue has made the first comment in defense of religion i have ever heard that even makes sense. granted, it won’t change my mind but thank you for making an intelligent comment on the subject

  • Jason

    Aggie, you are one of the most delusional posters on the internet I have ever seen. Seems like you have a thing against science. Science is all around you day in and day out. Your car came from science, your house, cell phone, TV, light bulbs, paper, electricity, and so on. If you don’t believe in evolution, then what makes you believe in all the things you use everyday?

    A THEORY, which evolution is, is the best possible guess based on a ton of FACTS. I bet you didn’t know gravity was still a THEORY did you? Religion is the WORST possible guess based on FAITH. FAITH is basically blindly accepting something without proof!

    You religious nut jobs need to see your way out of life and find out if your Jesus guy is actually real. I and my fellow atheists on the other hand will enjoy our lives now instead of holding out on some stupid fairy tale.

  • Beav

    Gravity, sure there is proof but you have never seen gravity. Gravity is a force of nature that we all believe in. it is evidenced by objects falling. But what about God? or any higher meaning to life. God could be evidenced by love. we all believe in love, I would hope. but have we actually seen love? or is it just like gravity in that we simply see its results?

  • Jasonshane

    Aggie, your god performs miracles, but only if they are statistically possible. He can cure cancer (but only to the probability that cancer goes into spontaneous remission), he can accomplish feats of medical excellence (but up to and not past the probability that these acts would have taken place without his/hers intervention).

    If your god could grow back an amputees limb (at the moment this is something that medical science has failed to achieve) I would be impressed and then question how this event had taken place (medical breakthrough or miracle).

    Please don’t get angry with me for pointing out your gods inadequacies but question why you believe what you do.

  • Aggie

    haha, wow, as atheists, ur all an angry bunch.

    u should be happy with no religious restrictions. Free flow sex, no moral obligations, umphh… Its much harder to be a believer than to be a non-believer.

    It may all seem like a fairy tale, unless of course u have the gift of discernment to be able to see the ‘other’ world. sigh.

    Besides, being an atheist is boring. No faith, no love, no hope. No wonder ur angry.

    But anyway, for those who are half and half, trust the divine, but do not trust the earthly, including urself.

    And Jason, i’m not against science, i’m just saying science comes from GOD. So if ur sick, take medicine, if u park ur car outside, lock it. That’s why in the bible it says do not test GOD.

    PS Evolution is a theory. Without assumptions, the world cannot go round.

    God bless, Amen.

  • Jasonshane


    I never said that you are not against science, I only stated that god can only do what happens without his intervention.

    You state “being an atheist is boring. No faith, no love, no hope.”

    Faith; I have faith that natural laws cannot be broken and these laws have been illuminated on by humans using the scientific method.

    Love; I love my wife, my children, my fellow man and life. So much so that I would not love a fictional made up character that expects me to put him above all else.

    Hope; I have hope, hope that I carry on leading a moral and a good life that has been set down by the society I live in. The idea not to rape, pillage, rob and murder are ideas that have evolved over many years so that we can live in an altruistic society where the weak and strong have an equal say.

    The bible says do not test god because that is what the bronze age power brokers trying to control a developing society put in so the people would not question gods ability to do anything.

    Gravity is a theory built upon the works of many great real people. We still don’t know exactly how to explain gravity but we have enough knowledge to use gravity. science has elucidated this and technology put it to use. I could have said exactly the same about evolution but because evolution is a stronger theory than gravity I thought I would use this theory to help you understand.

    I hope that you will question your faith in the supernatural and that you have an open mind so that blind faith does not lead you to do something that you may regret when you become enlightened.

    Good luck for the future Aggie and I hope you don’t get too angry with me for pointing out some of your misconceptions.

  • Wow! How WONDERFULLY tasteless!! Heckuva deal. Thank you for lowering my standards a little more and adding to the absurdity quotient, both of which I truly appreciate. 🙂

  • Jessica

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while. I’m not even religious, but this whole atheism craze is getting out of hand and just plain crude and derogatory. There are just as many stupid atheists as stupid Christians, and I won’t be surprised if a new era of anti-religious groups start appearing across the country, fueled by hate and narrowmindedness.

  • medussa

    Jessica, I’m amazed at your perspective that there is an atheism craze out there. Please tell me where, and I will happily join in.
    I live in a very liberal area, and yet I am surrounded not by atheists, but by bible thumpers, who even managed to vote that I should have my right to marry revoked because I don’t live up to their religious values.
    And the fact that I save lives for a living, have never been accused or convicted of a violent crime, that I am a moral, upstanding, contributing member of society made no difference to them. In fact, a convicted child rapist successfully sued for the right to marry his girlfriend, even on Death Row.

    Until religious values and discrimination and hypocrisy are addressed and redressed on a legal level, you are damned right there will be more and more atheist groups out there.
    But they won’t be fueled by narrowmindedness and hatred, they are fueled by indignation, a sense of justice and moral outrage.

    Hope you figure out where you stand on such issues.

  • MGL

    I hope this stirs up the debate somewhat.

  • greghousesgf

    what the hell IS a posh wank, anyway?

  • Kurt

    what the hell IS a posh wank, anyway?

    I would guess that’s when David Beckham gets a hand job from his spouse?

    But then, I’m not British.

  • medussa

    lol @ Kurt

  • dang, aggie is one funny mofo haha

  • Mark Duncan

    Aptly stated, Aggie. Atheists are simply scared of what they don’t understand and scared that humanity will have to answer for all of their perverse crimes against righteousness.

  • JimNorth

    Aggie asserts that atheists are angry. Angry at what? Methinks thou dodst project too much. (Read that last sentence carefully again to gain full meaning)

    Atheists prolly should be angry – there is ample reason…over 10,000 years of impeding human social and technological progress for what purpose? To please the gods? ugh. The church even outlawed the number zero for a couple of hundred years. Try computing in binary with only one digit.

    As for the condom…dumb, but silly. What price will it fetch on eBay?


    The virgin Mary is a Coney Island Whitefish????????????????????????

    Isn’t that Ironic a rubber for worlds most popular virgin non-virgin~!

  • Zer0glitch

    Now I can be”cum” a believer. If the appearance of the “virgin” can “cum” in a condom then I can “cum” to church. Ha ha!

  • Zer0glitch

    Mark Duncan and Aggie an atheist probably has more moral standards than you Christians. My morals are all “Christian” especially the golden rule and I value life more than you because I know that this is the only life we have to live and that it is precious. We don’t have the “holy eraser” to undo our “sin” away. Yes I am aware that I use the “” signs alot but that’s how smart people point out bullshit. STOP DELUDING YOURSELVES!!!!

  • Godfrey Zone

    That is one of the cutest and most irreverent fun pokes at religion I have ever seen. It’s so absurd it’s almost innocent!

    I wonder if a truly avid BVM follower would feel conflicted by it? It’s about as good a likeness as I’ve ever seen. WAY better than the NunBun (although I realize that was supposed to be Mother Theresa)!

    Has anyone heard any responses from the truly religious?

    And I had a good chuckle over “the immaculate contraception”!

  • Phatzo

    HOLY SHIT! There is a table glued to the ceiling

  • friendly person

    out of curiosity, speaking of ironic things, is the name “Friendly Atheist” ironic? because all I seem to see among comments are people mocking Christians for their beliefs. For the record I’m personally agnostic but this sort of hate-fueled conversation does nothing to reconcile two parties that have been at odds with each other.
    Neither of you groups could possibly know for an absolute fact what the ultimate truth is in the universe. its hypocrisy to call one group an idiot for their belief in something while saying at the same time that you know for a fact that there is nothing. open your minds, and stop feeling so superior because you, I, and all the fundamentalists in the world all have one thing in common, we’re all just trying to make sense of infinity in our own way.
    That is all, God bless, Allah bless, Science prevail, whatever you would like to hear.

  • Me…Duh!

    looks like a condom to me…

  • Aggie

    anyway, for those who needs science to explain everything, try let science explain this interesting video.

    the point is, we are still well behind in explaining anything at all. That’s why we have faith. Amen. 😀

    i’m only going to be a mofo after having kids, same as any mofo out there, including ur dad. Well, i do hope i get to be a mofo though, just to pass on the genes.

  • Siamang

    anyway, for those who needs science to explain everything, try let science explain this interesting video.

    Bring that faker in for a test in a real lab environment.

    That’s a bunch of medicine-man snake oil bullshit.

    I can do that make fire trick too.

  • Aggie

    Especially for you Mr.Siamang. Unfortunately this event could not be taken to a lab and tested, although it was witnessed by thousands. I hope science can explain it.

    Btw, if you look for it, it will be revealed to you. If you close your heart, you will even not believe your parents love you. Simple. Amen and GOD bless.

  • Aggie
  • Siamang

    Old legends designed to bilk poor people out of their money.

    Oldest scam in the books.

  • The YouTube video looks like a fog machine, a movie projector, and a lot of gullible people to me. Maybe I’ll do my own Virgin Mary for Halloween this year at my house.

  • I think the resemblance is kind of a stretch, myself…

  • Jon

    I just did a googlegoggles search with my droid on the picture. Goggles came back with this link. Looks like that’s the original source.

  • Jonn Mero

    Now that the Virgin has appeared in a bird turd, perhaps human turds should be examined for her divine presence.

    Well, look who they found the image of here:

  • Snorre

    If you want to know where the picture comes from, here’s a tool for you:
    Online picture comparison. Works pretty well.
    By the way, hilarious pic. “A new relic is found!”

  • brilliant – where can I come to pray to it?

  • Haruhiist


    I’m sorry, what exactly is it you stand for? You sign you posts with christian expressions (although I doubt you understand what amen means, the way you use it), but you refer to people using chi (instead of god doing something) and think god wants to show up in everyday items?

    As for the parents comment: we can see whether (not all parents do) our parents love us through their actions.
    See how this is different for god? we can’t see, measure or in any way reliably sense god, so there is no way to conclude he does exist, let alone that he loves us.

    As for the pareidolia: have you ever wondered why humans are so quick to see a face in a circle, two dots and a curve? I’m talking about smileys of course.

  • Pale beige blob

    How come there are tables on the ceiling?

  • Aquaria

    Funny… These Christians coming on here whining? Listen, you delusional twits: You’re the ones who came into an atheist website and started whining about atheists’ pointing and laughing at one of the myriad of examples of just how stupid and demented you lackwits are.

    You’re the equivalent of the person who crashes the party of a hated neighbor, shits in the canapes, then complains about how bad they taste.

    Don’t like what you see? Don’t want to be ridiculed for your ignorance and vapidity? Then get the f out. Nobody told you to look. Nobody told you to post. Grow the f up and move the f on. I don’t go to your websites and boohoo about how mean Xians are. I leave you alone. Why? Because I respect your right to wallow in your stupid to your heart’s content.

    Why can’t any of your Xian morons give us a space to express ourselves without a bunch of nonsense from you twisted idiots, for once in your lives? I mean, it’s not like you don’t have your fairy tale palaces to muck around in, eh?

  • Raskolnikov

    @ Ron

    You think catholics don’t have their fundies? Think before giving lessons to other people about understanding their opponents.

  • Gillani asks why people are being so RUDE as to mock other people’s religious beliefs. The good in weakening irrational beliefs is that people might stop obeying their religious leaders. Then fewer doctors will be murdered, women will be able to get contraceptives, fewer women will die of pregnancy-related causes, fewer children and older people will starve to death because there are too many mouths to feed, fewer people will die of AIDS (because they won’t believe the Pope when he tells them that condoms spread disease), fewer women and children will be declared witches by preachers and tortured to death, fewer women will be executed for adultery, fewer children and women will be abused because men are the boss God says so, fewer Iraqi teenagers will be hanged for being gay, and so on. In other words, there will be less evil in the world. That makes it worthwhile pointing out that God is a myth, Jesus is an imaginary friend, and praying is every bit as comforting and effective as telling your troubles to your teddy bear.

  • Mrbngle

    NOooooo!!! The new messias trapped in a condom! Holy seed spilled forever. This is why the pope prohibits condoms!

  • Proof that Month Python was right:

    Every sperm IS sacred.


  • TheBoatman

    Way back in August Aggie said, “Just like the tribal people in Papua who do not believe how letters can be sent through wires…”

    I should have taken it on faith but I went to the wiki and found the following:

    A large proportion of the population are illiterate. [31] Particularly women are affected. [32] Much of the education in the country is provided by church institutions. [33]

    hmmm… Aggie used an example of “ignorance” that is caused by christians.

  • more “holy” sightings…by me! Guess she shows up everywhere — if you look hard enough. 🙂

  • I am delighted that so many people enjoyed this. I am the original creator of the idea and image, although I did source the condom photo from an unrelated source (for those wondering, it is “only” spittle in the condom =D). I had originally branded it with my blog’s URL but some rapscallion decided to remove it. I have seen this de-branded image floating around a few areas of the internet now and I do find it annoying, more so because I genuinely like people having a way to trace the origins of content found on the internet (a plight as so highlighted in the bottom of this very post).

    You can read my original blog post here:…/mother-of-fucking-christ.html

    A follow up post about another “sighting” of the holy condom at a holy tree stump:…/no-one-else-cares.html

    And finally a post about the de-branded image:…/people-are-lining.html

    I’m not too concerned about you linking to me in the blog post but could you please just replace the image with the original one found here. Thanks! 🙂

  • ajd

    I find this picture to be in poor taste.

    One of the ways we justify our personal beliefs is to degrade what others think by making fun if them. If you want to prove you are correct in what you believe then try doing it without degrading, making fun of, or just being mean and rude to the ideas and beliefs of others.

    I have talked to many who do not believe in God over the years and in the end they have never proven to me there is no God they just degrade into a rant about how stupid you are because you believe and have a open mind witch they do not have. I have said it many times I can prove to anyone that God is real you just have to have a open mind about what I am going to teach you. One of the things they tell me is that they do have a open mind but they do not want to take my challenge. Why are you afraid to find out you might be wrong?

    According to Scientific Theory we are not at the center of the Universe and at the center of the Universe at the same time, also we live in a Hyperdimensional world and universe. If we do then could God just live in a different dimension and the only what for us to get there is by Death?

    We are so feeble minded that we forget how little we really know about the Universe and what is really out there?

    P.S. 104,650 is about the number of children sexualy abused by clergy in the Catholic Church over 50 years in the United States of America.
    29,000 children sexualy abused at school by teachers and school employees per year according to a study done as a part of the no child left behind act.
    And I see none of you all up in arms about kids going to school.

  • A virgin Mary can appear anywhere, you want to be satisfied, in a classroom too!! 😛

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