Flying Spaghetti Monster License Plate August 6, 2009

Flying Spaghetti Monster License Plate

This is adorable:

Not only is it a Flying Spaghetti Monster license plate, it advocates organ and tissue donation!

Father Alec writes this about his daughter:

Saffy had cancer as an infant and was saved with a liver transplant after being listed as status 1 (less than a week to live). Some may attribute that miracle to her team of surgeons, donor family and modern science, but we know it was really His Noodly Appendage that saved her.

I’m glad Saffy is doing so well now. Alec must have prayed correctly.

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  • It might be time for me to get my own personalized license plate. I’ve held out long enough.

  • Simon

    That’s awesome!
    Congratz to Alec and Saffy!

  • Brilliant. I shall imbibe the holy drink of beer in celebration.

  • Thank FSM for this miracle!

  • Drew

    She’s an angel (am I even allowed to say that as an atheist? lol). I have two daughters just about the same age and I’m thrilled that everything went well.

    I bet the Virgin Meatball went to the FSM on their behalf.

  • Ah well, I guess I’m a relic of the ’60s. Whenever I see the initials F.S.M., the first thing I think of is the Free Speech Movement begun by the students at Berkeley.

  • sc0tt

    Love it.

    Furthermore, I think organ and tissue donation and blood drives are the perfect atheist causes to get behind.

    We can say it’s part of the atheist agenda, we can claim it’s our crusade, it has absolutely no arrogance or intolerance and it is supremely moral.

    There are probably some theists who would balk at accepting an atheist heart though.

  • Chester

    Federated States of Micronesia??

  • Thanks for sharing my picture and for the kind words, Hemant.

    For those who want to be organ donors, please remember that the most important thing you can do is talk to your family about your wishes. It doesn’t much matter if you sign your driver’s license or anything else, because they’ll get to decide what happens with your remains once you’re gone.

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