Church Music vs. Sexual Music August 6, 2009

Church Music vs. Sexual Music

I would love to be the person who breaks the news to the co-worker in this story.

Background: This takes place at a shop which constantly plays Christian music via satellite radio. The owner isn’t a fan but he doesn’t bother changing it since he only stops by the shop casually:

… One day [the owner] came in and chatted with us [employees] for a while when he noticed the radio was playing a mainstream song.

He asked, “Did someone finally change the channel?”

My co-worker (and manager) replied, “Sometimes this station plays sexual music between the Christian music.”

The owner asked, “Sexual music? It’s not Christian but isn’t calling it sexual going a little too far?”…

I enjoy how the conversation ends 🙂

(via That Atheist Bitch)

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  • littlejohn

    The employee must have been Baptist. You know the old joke: Baptists object to sex because it might lead to dancing.

  • Epistaxis

    Hemant, you’re the chair of the board of the Sexual Student Alliance!

  • I StumbledUpon it earlier, and it made me lol. And gee, Hemant…I’d love to be chair of that Alliance!!!

  • Schmeer

    If they are listening to satelite radio I hope they don’t sample some of the non-christian channels or they may suffer an acute case of the vapors.

  • Gabemik

    I can hear Marvin in my head now . . .

    and when I get that feeling, I need sexual human,
    human baby is good for me

  • absent sway

    Baaaaaaaaaby! *groovin*
    Marvin’s the man.

  • Dan W

    Lulz. Apparently I’m a sexual humanist. And I’ve always preferred sexual music to Christian music.

  • Christophe Thill

    “Secular Healing” !

  • If you listen to most of the popular contemporary christian music you will notice that if you just replace “jesus” with “baby” most of it sounds quite a bit different. Might make the top 40 though.

  • Mark

    Secular music. (sexual music, har har)

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