Simon Singh Suffers Setback July 31, 2009

Simon Singh Suffers Setback

Last we heard from Simon Singh, he was preparing an appeal in his case.

If you recall, Singh was being sued for libel by the British Chiropractic Association because he had written an article trashing the supposed legitimacy of chiropractics.

There’s an update on the case and it’s not a good one:

… the Court of Appeal has refused Simon Singh’s application for permission to appeal (PTA).

There are no further details yet, including reasons.

Simon Singh has just over SEVEN days to decide whether to ask for an oral renewal hearing, though the seven days commence on the service of notice of the decision on the parties (not the date it was made or any order was sealed).

(This right is unless the Court of Appeal has held that the application is totally without merit.)

If anyone can help us make sense of this, what does this mean for Singh? What are his options now? Will an oral renewal hearing work in his favor?

(via New Humanist Blog)

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  • bigjohn756

    Until this fiasco, I didn’t realize that the British didn’t have freedom of speech. I knew already that they were lacking many other individual freedoms, but, I didn’t realize that speech was one of them. And, all this time, I thought that they were one of the more socially advanced nations.

  • @BigJohn: They were a socially advanced nation. Now they’re bending over backwards to appease the muslim immigrants and they’ve regressed to the dark ages (or further).

    Poor Simon. It’s a sad day for truth and honesty everywhere.

  • Liudvikas

    Wtf, please tell me this is just a bad dream.
    If you cant call bullshit by its true name then there’s no point living.

  • gwen

    @ Liudvikas, I can’t say it any better than that. For a country that prides itself in creating the O.E.D., the judge has singlehandedly added a whole new meaning to the word ‘bogus’. He could have looked it up in the their very excellent dictionary!

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