Do You Really Believe the Bible is True? July 31, 2009

Do You Really Believe the Bible is True?

Agnostics make the ultimate sacrifice:


That’s just a teaser to a longer clip that’s hilarious and worth watching. It asks Christians if they actually believe the Bible is true and whether they’re willing to follow through with what it demands in certain areas…

It’s from The Chaser’s War on Everything, an Australian comedy show:

(Thanks to Ashley for the link!)

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  • Dan W

    Wow. Great video. That was hilarious. Gotta love how the religious folk can claim that some parts of the Bible are literally true while somehow other parts aren’t. I liked the little teasers before that too. Agnostics nailing themselves to question marks… awesome.

  • Mikey

    Brilliant. Ignorant not only about reality but their own faith.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    One is hard-pressed to find a comedy group that can top The Chaser. They’ve taken on religion several times and shown what a complete crock of shit it is.

  • Sarah McWilliam

    Man, easily one of the best Aussie show’s ever. These guys weren’t afriad to take on anything.
    It’s too bad this was from the final episode of the Chaser’s War on Everything. Some people just take offence too easily! But The Chaser will be back in some form or another, oh yes, they will be back…

  • flawedprefect

    *sigh* yeah, they rock. They’ve often had to go to the U.S to do many of their skits cos they’re just too well-known here in Oz.

  • Heidi

    Oh, man. That brought tears to my eyes. They should come over here more often. Comedy gold, I tell you.

  • I love how they call them on their own inconsistencies.

  • Haha great comedy stuff.

    Yeah i will agree that while the Bible does contain segments of truth, it must be read in the context of its historical and cultural times.

  • But how can you tell which parts—Is than an asterisk or something?

  • ccubeman

    “homosexual, adulterous, fortune-telling dwarf….”

    I was laughing so hard my wife came to check out the fuss.

  • Hilarious, and right on the nail too!

  • Demetrius Of Pharos

    “What have I got to do to get you to kill him, get him to perform an abortion? Unfortunately, thats not in the bible!”

    Oh man, that is comedy gold.

  • Ashley Moltzan

    lol that’s so funny. what a great start to my morning before work! 😀

  • Always a comedy moment watching and hearing people’s reactions in trying to explain their beliefs when it’s obvious there are contradictions.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    They had a great bit about the Trojan Horse once.

  • masud

    Just hilarious!
    I’d love to watch the whole programme.
    Any link, please?

  • Becky

    masud – they show reruns on G4 in the states. Outside of the US, I am clueless.

  • Gerald
  • Kiera

    You can see the compartmentalization happening right in front of your eyes…

  • Dan

    Very funny, except that what it reveals is ignorance regarding the Bible. . . on the part of the TV show and the people on the street. The fundamental message of the Bible is not we must keep a set of rules.

  • jim

    OK folks, give some credit to the religion too for being funny. Sometimes I don’t even need a comedy group to crack up. I mean the pope, before he opens his mouth… the one with the big hat and the glass car. Superb!

  • Robert

    What to confuse a Christian. Remind them the bible is written in parables and categorically states that it is ‘NOT’ meant to be literally interpreted ie. it is specifically written as fiction much like Aesops fables.

  • casey wollberg

    “…categorically states that it is ‘NOT’ meant to be literally interpreted.”

    Where does it say that, smart guy?

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