“Brainwashed” by Charlie Check’m July 31, 2009

“Brainwashed” by Charlie Check’m

How many atheist rappers are there?

If you said “One,” you’re wrong!

I was surprised enough to learn about Greydon Square, but he now has competition.

This song below is called “Brainwashed” and it’s by Charlie Check’m:

Check’m’s new album is Listen Without Fear.

I do miss the cheesy nature of his video for “Roll With An Atheist”:

I *totally* should’ve been one of those background guys…

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  • I see the 2nd video had a happy ending. 🙂
    Or is it a beginning?

  • Moose

    I’m sorry, i couldn’t watch all of the second video I was ROFLMAO. But props to Charlie Check’m for doing his thing. I know if I was doing it, it would sound horrible.

  • Demetrius Of Pharos

    MC Chris, an nerdcore rapper, is an atheist to – he just doesnt seem to rap about it as much as Greydon Square.

  • I’d say that MC Frontalot, MC Hawkings, and Baba Brinkman count as atheist rappers too. Right?

    Well, not actually sure about Baba but his album on evolution is awesome.

  • Dylan

    I was just about to mention Baba Brinkman too! He performed in my city just a few months ago and it was wonderful.

    I would consider him an atheist rapper, considering that his Rap Guide to Evolution” was more along the lines of “God didn’t need to do anything, it could happen naturally.”

  • Much like Greydon Square, CC’s music takes a back seat to his message. Not very entertaining, as rap goes.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Me likes [×2].

  • I might have dumped him for the camouflage tank top.

  • Thomas

    Shame on this blog for promoting such an unabashed bigot.

    Charlie Check’m’s claim that homosexuality is a disease or “brain disorder” highlights his complete ignorance of modern psychiatry and of medical science more generally. It also stands in contrast to the scientific worldview he claims to hold.

    There is not a shred of legitimate evidence to support his wacky theory and for that he best grouped with the other anti-science crazies of the world including creationists and chiropractors.

    Freethinker? I think not.

  • Shame on this blog for promoting such an unabashed bigot.

    For what it’s worth, Charlie was discovered to be a gay-basher *after* I made this posting. Had I known it at the time, I would written something different. But I didn’t feel right deleting the post. So it stays.

  • gwen

    He is as offensive a homophobe as you can get, and has a reputation for being a troll on other blogs that he has been tossed off of. He actually comes off as being insane if you read his postings.

  • I agree that this post should not be deleted, even after discovering Check’m bigotry. However, if possible, I think you should go back in, and edit the post, with a note at the top, giving the date you updated it, saying that he is a bigot, and you would have written a different post had you known. If it important to keep the “historical record” if you will, of the internet intact, but if you can go back and make a prominent correction, I think that should be done.

  • This is a lie

    “Charlie Check’m’s claim that homosexuality is a disease or “brain disorder” highlights his complete ignorance of modern psychiatry and of medical science more generally”

    Note: All you have to do is read his myspace blogs to see TRUTH about his views.

    Charlie Check’m believes Christians are brainwashed.

    Charlie Check’m believes homos have brain malfunctions and there’s EVIDENCE to prove this.

  • JohnP

    @Sunshine Barbie

    There is evidence that their brains are often masculinized or feminized less than typical, true, but to assert that this is a brain “malfunction” … and that they therefore shouldn’t be able to get married, are predatory, shouldn’t be near children, are defective, pathetic, diseased, dangerous, disgusting, sex crazed, etc. like Charlie has often spewed (directly or strongly inferred) on forums (and almost always with lewd derogatory terms for gay people) is something all together different.

    And this isn’t some just side characteristic of Charlie. Demeaning gays seems to be his primary MO right now … and his only excuses seem to be that he is worried about being hit on (if he ever gets that compliment, I don’t know why he can’t say ‘no thanks’), and that he is angry that gays get angry when he says their relationships/families (not to mention brains) are inherently inferior.

    Charlie should work on bettering his work, not selling himself as some rambling supremacist.

  • JohnP

    BTW, I thought it would be appropriate to post one of Charlie’s newest arguments. Taken from the Atheist Experience chat logs:

    ” my ancestors worked on plantations to keep the definition of marriage between a man and a woman, taking that away would be violating the constitution”

    Ohh, and he closed with this:

    ” fuck you all, im gonna go play grand theft auto and fuck up some gay bitches trying to get married and you cant stop me thanks to the constitution you dirty fags.
    fuck you all for being racist bigots, your just hating cus im black”

    ‘All’ apparently also referring to the other black commenters that all didn’t agree with his ridiculous argument. I didn’t see a single thing that warranted it, but he played that card anyway.

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