A Review of The Holy Bible July 31, 2009

A Review of The Holy Bible

Robert Brockway at Cracked has an entertaining review of this book he just read. It’s called The Holy Bible:

As readers we’re enthralled by the mystic action; wondering exactly what kind of creature this God is, why he has these powers and what on earth he’s going to do with them, and then all of a sudden we’re pulled out of the action and forced to sit idly while the author describes an entire week (day by day) in God’s life. I mean, that’s great and all that we’re getting some backstory on his character, but honestly, what happened with paragliding through Hell? I don’t really care what your Wednesdays are like, or on which days you like to rest — get back to the action! Jesus, if we wanted to hear about your day, we would read your fucking LiveJournal, almighty.

It’s so sad Brockway was unable to finish the review… something must have happened to him as he was writing the end of the piece.

(Thanks to Thilina for the link!)

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  • That was brilliant. Haha!

  • Alan E.

    The pictures are great! Bruce Springsteen, hippies, Bilbo Baggins, and magical Jews! I like the final editor’s note too:

    we have it on good authority that he was going to give it “seven out of 10 boners,” and that he has not procreated, so his genetic line will end here.

    Or how he casually mentions that the Lord of the Rings books were written before the bible…

  • rg

    Why is there a dianetics ad on your page?

  • Alan E.

    rg, he has no control over some of the ads on the page. However, if you click them , then those pages will be paying out more. Can’t you just imagine all of those thetans escaping out of the volcano so they can seek out a body to hold on to?

    On another note, I just realized that I know more about Scientology than Islam. I really need to brush up.

  • Dan W

    Loved the review. The pictures were great in it too. I especially liked the zombie reference, and the editor’s note/ending. Nice.

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