A Premonition of the Creation Museum Trip July 31, 2009

A Premonition of the Creation Museum Trip

Jen has read the mind of all 250 Creation Museum trip attendees.

The other parts can be found here.

Too bad museum founder Ken Ham won’t be there on that day… oh well.

Anyone else think Jen should draw an atheist graphic novel?

I can see it now: The enemies throw consecrated communion wafers at PZ Myers, but he eats a copy of Unscientific America to get the strength to defeat them. And somewhere in there, Ben Stein appears as The Joker.

(via Blag Hag)

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  • It’s still just as funny now as it was when I first saw it. She sure made Dr. Ham into a very, very evil-looking fellow. His actual evil quotient has yet to be determined.

  • Epistaxis

    Anyone else think Jen should draw an atheist graphic novel?

    She’s already invoked giant alien squid. How can anyone take her seriously as a comic-book artist again?

  • Hey, if there’s a market for that sort of silliness… 😉

    And I swear I wasn’t trying to make Ham look so evil. It just happened!

  • I am sure there would be a market for this sort of silliness, Jen, because people were lol’ing all over themselves on your blog, and on Pharyand…gula….PZ’s blog.

  • wall0645

    Anyone else think Jen should draw an atheist graphic novel?

    If she made it, I’d buy a copy. 🙂

  • Alan E.

    Many people on PZ’s site were calling for a t-shirt with page 4 (I think; it’s the single-celled page [insert microbiology pun here]) on it. It would sell very well in our “community.”

  • I’ll definitely look into making a shirt. Won’t be ready for the trip, which is honestly for the best. Not sure the CM would enjoy a bunch of people walking around wearing page 4.

    I personally would like it to say something like “I survived PZ’s Creation Museum visit 8/7/09” but I don’t want to alienate the people who didn’t actually go.

  • Veritas, I not exactly sure, but I don’t think Ken Ham is a doctor.

    Jen, great depiction of the hamster! How could you not make him look evil?

  • Ken Ham wants to be a doctor. So if I am poking fun at him, then so be it.

    I could look it up, but……….nah.

    Edit: I looked it up. He has a diploma in education, which I think means that anyone with a BA is more educated than he is. I’m shocked – I really thought he’d at least to pretend to have a phd, like “Dr” Hovind used to.

  • Andrew C.

    Anybody else think Ham looks like Ahab?

    I half expected him to try to harpoon PZ’s squid.

  • Three cheers for PZ facing of Canned Ham on the giant squid. I’m totally printing that and hanging it on my wall!

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