NO GODS License Plate in Ohio! July 29, 2009

NO GODS License Plate in Ohio!

Reader Michael was inspired by Jason’s quest to get a NO GODS license plate in Indiana.

So he decided to get the NO GODS plate in neighboring Ohio!


Now, that’s solidarity! Good work, people.

I wonder if that car would be allowed at the Creation Museum parking lot…

Actually, maybe I need to take all that back. This guy is putting you all to shame! And his license plate reads ATHEISM.

(Thanks to Michael for the link!)

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  • Actually now that you mention it, I hope my darwin fish/Obama/Republicans for Voldemort bumper stickered car gets into the Creation Museum…

  • Andrew Morgan

    I’ve considered changing plates or getting some atheist stickers or a Darwin fish, but I’m too afraid of my car getting keyed or otherwise messed with. I’m in Charlottesville, Virginia. Not the most conservative city in the south (far from it) but we did amend our state constitution to forbid gay marriage, after all…

  • ccubeman

    Gotta agree with Andrew…

    I’m as skeptical as they get, but no glutton for punishment. I have a Prius; combining that with an atheist plate could be a keying – especially here in Virginia.

  • gwen

    ‘Atheist’ was probably taken…

  • stephanie

    Isn’t it interesting how many people are worried about getting their car keyed by good Christians for stating opposing views. I for one would roll my eyes but never consider keying one of those over-the-top god-mobiles.
    Would anyone else or is it yet another example of religion being diametrically opposed to ethics?

  • That’s terrific! Now I want one but I don’t have a car. And probably would feel really stupid wearing it on my back.

  • God luck, Jason, maybe you will run into the same pastor I ran into when I had my “If religious organizations want to get involved in politics they should pay taxes” sticker on my car. I’m in Ohio too.

  • man when i see him i am buying him a cigar and a cup of coffee

  • Donna

    Am thinking of something similar here in the buckle of the babble…errrr bible…belt, Oklahoma. Not sure what’s available–am thinking ‘godless’, ‘godfree’, ‘atheist’, or ‘no god’, perhaps. (Wonder if I might earn my own personal proclamation from Sally Kern?)

    Thanks for the inspiration, Mike! 🙂

  • Very cool! Glad Others got inspired to do the same. 🙂 I just have to wait until FEBRUARY to get the plate I fought for.

  • Chief

    Please help — I have considered a license plate like this ever since I saw the Minnesota “Atheist” license plate posted at (PZ knows who it belongs to. I don’t remember the name).
    I would love to have ATHEIST, but we are limited to 6 letters here in Massachusetts, and I don’t think ATHIST works. NO GODS might work, just not sure about the space. I’m leaning towards GODLSS.
    Any suggestions for 6-letter atheist related license plates?

  • Jay

    whats up with all of these news stories from ohio… i never felt that i lived in a atheist state

  • Chief — The MN “ATHEIST” license plate belongs to August Berkshire, who works with MN Atheists.

    Good question about 6-letter plates…

  • CatBallou

    Yesterday in Seattle I saw an Excursion with an “ATHEIST” sticker on the back. It was interesting to me because the plates were from Utah.

  • Thanks Hemant and Jason. I will be going to the Creation “Museum” with that car; I’ll love to see them attempt to keep me out due to a state issued license plate!

    BTW, Jason, I’m sorry you have to wait until February for your plate. The process in Ohio is nice and quick. I ordered it on July 17 and got it in the mail July 23!

  • My motorcycle plates in Ohio say GDLSS … it can only have 5 letters. Even NO GODS is too long.

  • Chief: How about 8EIST?

  • Randall

    Regarding a six-letter atheist plate:

    NO GOD

    It could also be shortened to NOGOD when only five letters are allowed.

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