Church Sermons on Sex July 28, 2009

Church Sermons on Sex

Prodigal Jon mentions (only half-jokingly) that if churches want to boost membership, they just need to have a sermon series on sex.

And many have done just that.

Jon also put the following quiz up on his site: Which of the following are actual sermon series used at churches or things a pastor said or real websites… and which are completely fake?

  • “”
  • “Great Sex for You”
  • “Bringing Sexy Back”
  • “Electric Sex”
  • “”
  • “”
  • “Solomon is the OT’s version of the musician Prince. Love notes from a man whose awesomeness with the ladies eventually brought him to ruin.”

The answers can be found here.

(I would also like to point out that when I read the posting, there were exactly 69 comments.)

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  • Shane

    (I would also like to point out that when I read the posting, there were exactly 69 comments.)

    “If you guys are really us, what number are we thinking of?”

    “Sixty-NIIIINE, dudes!”


  • The Smash Machine

    I smile every time I think about preachers talking sex. When my wife and I married , she chose a protestant minister to do our ceremony. Pastor Steve, as we came to know him, required that we attend 16 of his marriage council sessions. Not a bad idea for young couples, and we actually gained some insight and practical suggestions about married life. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and I have seen most of the brainwashing and guilt tactics used in the name of faith. My wife has no background with religion, so she was unprepared for our first session. Steve sits us down and the first words out of his mouth are,”I can teach you the secret to the greatest sex ever”. The look on my wife’s face was truly priceless. Of course, he meant that we should not live together and abstain from sex until properly married, but it is still a good memory for us.

  • Prodigal Jon is a good seed. I love that he can laugh at himself and his religion, as can many of the people who comment. I do like that site, although it can sometimes trigger less pleasant memories.

  • LOL I love it!

    I’m not an artist, but had a similar idea for a comic strip:

    The preacher offers to talk about charity and helping the poor; the congregation is asleep.

    The preacher offers to talk about strengthening the family and community service; the congregation still sleeps.

    The preacher offers to talk about homosex; the congregation is wide awake and acting like wild animals in the pews.

    Because, quite frankly – that’s the way it really is.

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