John Travolta Scared of Leaving Scientology July 27, 2009

John Travolta Scared of Leaving Scientology

John Travolta may finally be coming to his senses…

According to The Daily Mail (UK), Travolta is still distraught over his son’s death. That death may be attributed to the Church of Scientology:

He reportedly resents going along with Scientology’s prescribed treatment for [son] Jett’s condition. The church does not recognise autism as genuine, but instead believes it to be merely psychosomatic.

The church recommends treatment with vitamins and a detox program, not prescription medicines. It is also reported that the church’s response to the teenager’s death has been to conduct “intensive sessions” with so-called ethics officers, whose job is to question Travolta and other family members to determine if their “negative influences” caused the tragedy.

Had he consulted real doctors who know real science, perhaps the death could have been prevented.

It’s no different from Christian faith-healing parents who refuse to provide proper care for their children, hoping that God will just magically take care of everything.

Travolta is now considering leaving the church. Why any hesitation? If he leaves, they may “reveal his secrets“:

His distress, say sources close to him, has been compounded by the first cracks in his 34-year relationship with the Church of Scientology, the cult-like religion of which Travolta is a prominent and generous benefactor.

And there are dark mutterings that if he carries out private threats to leave, the organisation will go public with embarrassing details of his private life, including, it is claimed, allegations of past homosexual relationships.

The man who starred in Grease is afraid people may find out he’s gay? That would be… what’s the opposite of “shocking”?

Anyway, PhillyChief already pointed out the obvious with his headline:

What’s more embarrassing than being a Scientologist?

If Travolta leaves, it’d be bad for Scientology, good for Travolta, and even better for people who might also come to their senses and not join the cult.

Travolta probably doesn’t need to worry about his reputation being harmed if “secrets” come out. If he actively spoke out against the Church, I would think his reputation would skyrocket. If he told the truth, people would listen. He’d get more positive press for leaving the church than he will while remaining in limbo with them.

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  • Two things that are really sad here. The first is the obvious tragedy of Jett’s death. If it was avoidable due to lack of psychiatric help, then it is a serious mistake at the least, and criminally negligent at the most.

    The second really sad thing is that Travolta’s worldview is so slanted that he doesn’t understand, as Hemant has pointed out, that coming out against Scientology would elevate him more than his secrets could denigrate him. Sure some crazy Christians would be upset if he was having gay sex. But when aren’t those types upset about something?

    Travolta can’t see how much most people hate and fear Scientology. If he could, he’d realize that his defection from the church would be making him a hero.

  • Goliath

    Veritas has a point there. He’d be the equivalent of Jenny McCarthy to those against Scientology. Only with Travolta, he may actually be saving lives instead of potentially causing a world-wide epidemic. I’m just sayin’…

  • MaleficVTwin

    Kelly Preston is, IMHO, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Travolta is married to her and has children with her. What possible effect could calling him gay have? I say bring it on!!

  • Michael R

    Calling someone like John Travolta “gay” in today’s society would be pretty insignificant. I’d still go see his movies, and I think almost everyone else would as well. I sincerely hope he has the courage to tell those whackos off. By the way, I deeply object to them using “science” in their name. Scientology? How ’bout Stupidology. That has a nice ring to it.

  • Isn’t it SOP for members to have signed long, nasty contracts that they promise never to leave or say bad things about the church? How might he get around that. Now, this is all speculation on our part but Veritas has a point – how would he even KNOW how the world would welcome his disclosures when he lives such an isolated existence. This insulation makes all celebrities seem wacky – they are surrounded by people always telling you how awesome you are. Not reality.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    “If Travolta leaves, it’d be bad for Scientology, good for Travolta”

    I don’t know how good it would be for Travolta. The Church of Scientology plays hardball. 🙁

  • GreyTheory

    “Battlefield Earth” is a reason to be slightly embarrassed.. Going In the Out door a few times isn’t.

  • I am asking everyone to join me supporting Travolta, no matter what the COS says about him, by tweeting #supportTravolta.

  • mac

    Sure, some christians may be put-off by rumors of Travolta’s homosexuality….the very same christians who are put-off by scientology.

    Scientology is a nutty cult. Christianity is a nutty cult. ALL religions are cults, it’s just a matter of social acceptance.

    Christians are in favor in Western society, Muslims in the Middle East, Hindu/Buddhists seem to prevail in the East – CULTS all.

  • If John Travolta quits Scientology, I will buy every one of his movies, except for Battlefield Earth.

  • Revyloution

    Well said Veritas, first and last comment. I’ll join that pact.

    Tell John, Me and Veritas are going to buy one copy of every movie (except Battlefield Earth) if he quits Scientology!

    Its the Jacko syndrome, surrounded by sycophants you never really know who your friends are. The only people likely to tell you the truth are random strangers. Unfortunately, random strangers are just as likely to tell you lies.

    I wonder if we can get Penn Gillette to stop in for a visit?

  • Mike

    Who would believe the COS anyway?

    What could be less reliable than an evil cult saying whatever they can to embarrass someone?

  • maria

    I can understand why Travolta is nervous, though I hope he does leave and expose the church. He’s nervous b/c he’s probably worried about his career. Despite talking about being “liberal”, there is still prejudice against GLBT people in hollywood, especially if you have built your career on being straight.

  • Michael

    So if they are telling him if he leaves they will expose his secrets isn’t that blackmail? And if they are doing it so he keeps making financial contributions to them isn’t that extortion? Isn’t extortion illegal?

    How about a RICO investigation?

  • Lisa

    I thought everyone already knew John Travolta was gay? Or at least bi…

  • Heidi

    @Mr_Atheist: Done.

    I don’t care what his orientation is. It’s irrelevant. But I hope he gets the hell out of that horrible cult scam.

    They don’t believe in autism, but they believe in aliens. Yeah. Morons.

  • Pickle Pumpers


    What does “psychiatric” help have to do with anything? Why not say, “He needed a witch doctor.” or “He needed his palm read!” or “He needed magic jue-jue beans from east bumfick!”

    I’m a skeptic, not a scientologist, so I’m shocked that so many so called skeptics would believe in this woo called “psychiatry.” It’s like going to a TAM and having them ask everyone to join hands to pray… it’s REALLY, REALLY scary to hear so many “skeptics” have this unquestioned belief in the magic brain people.

    Ask yourself this, what scientific, repeatable measurements are taken when a person is “analyzed” by a psychic, I mean psychiatrist? How is it any different than the tin cans the scientologists use? Hell if anything the scieno’s tin case are at least based on science however poorly misapplied.

    That’s not to say we can’t study behaviors and learn how societies work but when we try to prescribe reason to action that is when we turning from science to conjecture. You can have a hypothesis about why someone did something based on passed behaviors of this individual and even group behaviors but until you figure out how to measure “why” then you’re just making up little stories.

    Like how the constellations are made up of lions and archers and fish and whatnot.

    I know this is incredibly difficult but if you are a skeptic and you have ANYTHING to do with psychiatry put down your believer’s hat and put on your skeptic hat because you’ve been brainwashed… if that’s even a real thing.

  • Shame on the church for allegedly resorting to gestapo tactics.

    If Travola does leave, then I’ll support him regardless if said same-sex sexual acts were performed by him in the past.

    Personally, I think the Scientologists are bullshitting and trying to call his bluff.

  • Royal with Cheese

    So the church comes out and proves what many have long suspected. He needs to realise that the more the church tries to mess him up, the more we’ll get behind him. Johny boy if you’re reading this you don’t need to worry, we don’t care if you used to be gay, like that’s going to change the way we feel about you. Tell them where they can shove it and the respect you’ll earn from doing that’ll beat any blackmail scam to hell. I say Shut the door on these scientology jokers and go for a strut.

  • Errol Miranda

    Well Scientology is not as easy as everyone thinks…. on youtube there were men who confessed that scientology made them do criminal things to go up the ladder… and made them believe it ws the right thing to do….

    Apart from coming out as gay, its a distinct probability his wife is also gay / lesbian and he perhaps has done some criminal activities in the past for scientology….

    And if that is the case…. just coming out as gay is fine… but the repercussions for all the criminal activities he has been the initiator or an accomplice to will not be spared …..

    He can never come out …. ! Its simple ,,,, he is a learning lesson to everyone who wants to defy society and join scientology…. DONT DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE PEOPLE !

  • P.N>LCB

    It is amazing to me how that anyone who claims to be a christian is instantly assumed to be a christian. A christian does walk by faith, however we are not ignorant to the reality of the help medicine can give. Anyone who doesnt believe in medicating an illness is not a christian, they are ignorant to the things of GOD. I will admit there are alot of professing christians who are nuts. A true biblical christian will be forgiving because he or she knows that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of GOD. Also regardless of anyones belief, there are truths that have already been established. There is a right, a wrong, a GOD, a devil, a heaven, a hell, and one way to the Father. That is through His Son Jesus CHRIST.(John 14:1-6) We may laugh, mock, criticize,and have our own oppinions. But an oppinion never changed a truth.

  • alma

    That is the best news I’ve heard. Get out of that cult and find a real relationship with Jesus Christ. For Jesus is the Light the Truth and the Way. NO ONE comes to the father if not thru Jesus. A real church will not retaliate against anyone. Jesus does not want you against your will, that is why he gave us the choice to follow him or not.

  • Paul C

    Sometimes a person finds himself in a position to do immense good. Gorbachev for example. In the case of Travolta the same sort of opportunity has arisen.

    The tragedy of his son’s death is a very real one. Life is full of real harm done by real people because of their ignorance or greed or hunger for power. There are times when it has to be faced head-on.

    Sometimes a person faced with such a challenge will seize the moment and act decisively. I hope he has the courage, and that he has some access to trusted rational opinions to persuade him to use it.

    I was once in a position where I had to act to stop a sociopath harming innocent people. It took a close and trusted friend to make me see clearly what I had to do (and that I would have been negligent not to do so) because my views had been badly distorted by the information I had been continually fed.

    It was hard. But I have no regrets. I knew I did the right thing. And I recovered my self-respect.

  • BBD

    What I thing is so pathetic about this cult. Is it hides behind the tax clause of religious organization. It rakes in all this money through big power players like the Travolta’s. It’s like that little fish that swims next to the shark-taking taking taking. The cult gets away with it. WHat really has this organization done for people-nothing-virtually nothing. Looks like another Matoff scam. Hey when will the rich see how ignorant they are. If they have nothing better to spend their money on help your fellow man.

  • turtle

    John, do what you know the truth is.

  • Gem

    I have 4 friends who recently left scientology and was in a bad state! I have no clue what they are into, but it is not all what they say they are!
    Strangely, these 4 friends are going through the same things and they do not even know each other! They all say that since they left scientology, they feel followed, and all their stuff breaks in the house. All their electrical stuff break, it is weird, really weird!!!!

  • Hlatkey_cathy

    I am a huge Travolta fan.  John you have come a long way.  I really wish you can see that Scientology is nothing but a cult.  I know that your son Jett is in the hands of God and you will see him again.  Just believe in God and put your worries in his hands and everything will follow suit. 

    I am not trying to change anyone’s religion, but Scientology is something RL Hubbard created and now he is getting rich off a fake religion.  Leave the cult and turn to some other religion.

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