Baby Corn July 26, 2009

I don’t know why.

I just know I like what I’m seeing.


Does that costume come in pajama form? Because I’m *totally* buying that for my future babies if it does…

(via jritch77 — Thanks to James for the link!)

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  • My two favorite food groups in one.

  • At least it’s not one of those horribly creepy Anne Geddes photos.

  • Drew

    Now I’m all hungry.

  • Low carb corn? 😉

  • SarahH

    My parents dressed me up as a pumpkin when I was a baby. If I send you a picture, will you post it? Even though I’m a well-aged baby now? lol

  • stogoe

    That baby is terrified, and may even be infected with the black eye ooze from X-Files.

  • Courtney

    That baby has a foot for a hand!

  • Sandra

    Now if I can only find some baby potatoes to go with that baby corn! 😉

  • Tony

    Store clerk: And how big did you say your baby was again?

    Hemant: Er… about six feet?

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