African Albinos Killed by Witch Doctors for Their Organs July 25, 2009

African Albinos Killed by Witch Doctors for Their Organs

We already know the horrors that occur due to belief in superstition in Africa.

This story just adds to the problem.

Albinos are getting killed and mutilated for their body parts. Witch doctors believe their organs “bring good luck in love, life and business.”

One man in the video explains how his brother Daniel was murdered by another family member — Daniel’s arms and legs were chopped off. The body parts were later sold for $240.

This is what can happen when poverty and hopelessness meet superstition and miseducation.

(Thanks to Matthew for the link)

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  • GlenInBrooklyn

    I saw small, random reports of this several months ago. I was horrified then. More so now.

  • beijingrrl

    Well, obviously that’s fallacious because their organs didn’t bring the albinos themselves much luck now did they? Seriously, that’s just too messed up for me to deal with in the morning.

  • So, here I am, eating, and I open up FA, thinking, “Let’s see if Hemant has any good insight.”

    Then I see this post.

    I am no longer eating. Wow. This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve read in awhile. Just…shockingly bad. I had no idea this happened. Now I am wiser. And a little sadder…reminds me of George Carlin’s thoughts on why the hell would aliens want to hang out with us…

  • Shane

    I can’t help but notice that the woman who allegedly plotted to murder, dismember, and sell her brother-in-law has a big picture of Jebus on the wall.

  • Here’s another stunning related video from BBC

  • Jodie

    I heard a lot of similar ideas about Albinos while I lived in Africa. I don’t want to say “frequently,” but at numerous historical events Albinos are accused of witchcraft and rounded up for purging. I guess we don’t hear about because they are such a small group of people. Everyone believes they have some kind of magical power, it just oscillates between good and evil magic…The thing that stands out most to an outsider is how hard it must be in every physical and social sense.

  • gwen

    In this part of Africa, the gene for albinism is present in a much higher percentage of the population that is prevalent in the rest of the world. And this compounds the tragedy. My guess is that albinos would tend to congregate and marry each other which would amplify the gene in their families. Pity the poor child born albino in a non-albino family. I wonder how they manage to keep the child safe, or if they would be sold and murdered.

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