A Contest: Pick a Name for the “Convert-the-Atheist” Game Show July 19, 2009

A Contest: Pick a Name for the “Convert-the-Atheist” Game Show

By now, you’ve heard of the Turkish game show where religious figures from different faiths (priest, rabbi, Imam, etc.) try to convert a group of atheists.

The show is called Penitents Compete (Tovbekarlar Yarisiyor in Turkish).

British magazine The Week is running a contest. They want you to answer the following question:

If an American network stole this TV idea, what should this show be called in America?

The rules:

  1. No “Idol” jokes, please! (Too easy)
  2. Submissions should be emailed to whatnext@theweek.com
  3. Please include your name, address, and daytime telephone number for verification
  4. Please type “Atheist Show” in the subject line
  5. Entries are due by noon, Eastern Time, Tuesday, July 21

Winner gets a subscription to the magazine and, of course, pride.

I don’t know about the title of the show, but I’ll bet an atheist gets eliminated each week during “Bible Council”! (Ha! Get it?!)

(via Triangulations)

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  • “Soul Survivor” would be my best guess. Either someone will save the atheist or they will be….the soul survivor.

    Tonight, on Fox.

  • Siamang

    I can’t think of a title right now, but I can recommend a format:


    Do like that old show. The host reads a verse in one of the Holy Texts of the main faiths. Then each “Liar” or “Holy Person” either claims it as his own, or condemns it as false. Each gives his or her own conflicting interpretation of the verse, then the atheist votes on which one sounds the most plausible.

    Then there’s a lightning round where they present evidence. Just kidding.

  • AB

    Soul survivor – that’s very clever! I like it. 🙂

  • Tom

    “I Bought Your Soul on eBay!”

  • jason

    “America’s Newest Dumbass”

  • “You bet your soul”
    “Let’s make a conversion”
    “Are you smarter than a theologian?”

    I think that’s enough for now.

  • Macnamera

    The Christ is Right.

  • Buy the Lie
    Wash that Brain

    Sorry but I’m feeling particularly “New Atheist” today.

  • Closet Atheist

    America’s Got Dumbasses
    The Impossible Task
    Lose Your Logic
    Name That Sin
    I’d love a subscription, but I can’t risk the postal-droid being discrete on who gets what in the one-atheist-family-in-hiding town.

  • San Francisco

    Believe It Or Not.

  • Rob

    Win Ben Stein’s Mania.

  • Gordon

    I sent “Bet your life?” as my entry

  • Jim

    I have to take the title of a NOFX song:

    Soul Doubt

  • Cypress Green

    I know “Faitheists” has a different definition now…but still…

  • Peregrine

    Hate to burst your bubble, but there’s already been a reality show called “Soul Survivor”. I remember flipping past it on the religious channel a few years back. (I keep the religious channel programmed in for Quantum Leap reruns, and the occasional British comedy.)

    It was basically a Big Brother knock-off with contestants from different faiths. All I remember was shaking my head in disbelief, and skipping ahead to see what was on Discovery.

  • I see no way this isn’t going to be a farce. All the “atheists” on the show will no doubt actually be religious… mark my words.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    West of Eden

  • Come to Jesus!

    And now, your host, Ted Haggard!

  • HP


  • “Who Do You Trust?”, but it’s already taken.

  • American Idol-Worshipper

    Yeah, I know names with “idol” in it aren’t allowed but it had to be said!

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Choose Your Poison

  • numsix

    “SYS” or “Save your Soul”
    “Soul Train” – wait; that was used…
    “Stair Way to Heaven” – or does that have a copyright?
    “Choose your Afterlife”

    For snarky:
    “Who wants the heathen’s money”

  • Tyler in SoCal

    “I’m an Atheist get me outtve here!”

  • Fizzy

    “Saved by the Bellicose”

  • Luther

    God in one person.

    Seven shows over and the Cuckoo’s left.

  • “Lets make a Faith Deal”

    Atheist contestants have a standing offer of $1000 if they stay atheistic, but religious panelists tempt them with prizes behind three doors if they choose to pick what is “behind a door” instead. See if the atheist will trade in logic, reason, and the $1000 for what is behind one of the doors. If they trade in, see what religion they get stuck with and what prize they get instead of the $1000.

  • Rob

    As long as we’re proposing alternate models for the game show: “1 vs. ?”

    The atheist is asked a series of moral questions. His goal is to answer a question right that God gets wrong.

    You don’t get to find out what God answers. It’s up to the religious panelists to decide whether God was right or wrong. Of course, God is never wrong.

  • Rob

    That question mark was supposed to be an “infinity” symbol.

    The version with the question mark would be more likely to be run by agnostics than theists. The correct answer to every question would be “dunno”, and nobody would be sure in the end who won.

  • Alz

    Press your Dogma

    “Big bucks and no stoning!”

    A parody of the original with chances to win rewards or punishments based on the religious theme of the week.

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