What’s the Name of That Cemetery? July 17, 2009

What’s the Name of That Cemetery?

I don’t understand this:

fail owned pwned pictures

Why would there be a cemetery of baby heads?

Everyone knows those are the tastiest parts and you should never let them go to waste.

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  • TL

    Who’s hungry?

  • Oh my…

  • Gabemik

    Located about 40 miles north west of Austin Texas. Along state highway 16. It’s just across the old highway from Baby Head road.
    Anyone from Austin have more info?

  • Ana

    Oh, this is so funny! It made laugh so hard!

  • As we rounded a curve on the Kern Canyon road above Bakersfield, CA, I remarked to my housemate, at the time, “Hey, that rock over there looks like a dick-head.” As the road swung back the other way, we came near the big rock besides the road, maybe 15 feet high, and saw it was graffittied with the name: Dick-Head Rock. I hate when people do that.

  • Dietra

    The deli around the corner is mourning the demise of the popular “Baby Headcheese” that they’ve been known for for years.

  • Veritas

    What a delicious…I mean…disasterous name for a cemetery!

  • Thumpalumpacus

    Where the Hell do they bury the feet?

  • littlejohn

    They EAT the feet, of course. Duh. Then they bury the heads. This is all too obvious.

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