Bill O’Reilly Caught in Another Lie July 9, 2009

Bill O’Reilly Caught in Another Lie

I mentioned yesterday that the Air Force did not fly over the God and Country Festival in Idaho last week.

Here’s Bill O’Reilly talking about that festival tonight (beginning at the 1:38 mark):

“No specific religion at play” at that festival?

Here’s what the director — the freaking director — of the festival had to say last week:

Organizers don’t deny the explicitly Christian nature of the annual patriotic rally.

“Yes, it’s about as Christian as you can get — we believe in promoting Christianity,” [Director Patti] Syme said. “And we have no plans to change that.”

Yeah! I caught him in a lie. That was far too easy. You should all try doing it, too.

I should *totally* write for The Daily Show.

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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  • Richard Wade

    Catching Bill Un’Really in a lie is like finding shit in a kennel. Bill gets up in the morning, takes a leak, and tells a lie. He shaves, tells a lie. He has breakfast, lies, drives to work, all the way practicing lies, gets to the studio, reads his lying news script, tells those lies, goes to lunch, lies, comes back for the afternoon lie, etc. etc.

  • Cacotopos

    Oh, oh, I got this one – and on weekends he has a little lie-in. Snap!

  • MeagD

    O’Reilly’s antics have become so predictable and absurd that I HOPE most Americans are only watching for a laugh. I know this isn’t the case, but one can always hope.

    Even if the event was completely secular, is it really a constitutional right in the U.S.A. to request, and be permitted, a “fly over” at any public event in Idaho? Get a grip, folks. If Reps are so concerned with tax cuts they should be ecstatic that the Pentagon wasn’t wasting precious money on their festival.

    Regarding global warm – perhaps canceling the fly over was part of Obama’s big environmental push? Or perhaps ‘religious freedom’ and global warming have absolutely nothing to do with one another — I’m fairly certain that if the pentagon refused to fly over a secular event, the “commies” in the states wouldn’t be up in arms about Obama’s stance on (insert completely unrelated policy topic) – whatever that might be. His segues are so far-fetched and ridiculous that his program is completely incomprehensible. This man needs early retirement and to be locked up somewhere with meds.

  • NassT

    I love how through out the entire campaign season Bill O’riletard was telling voters that obama would just spend money tons of money. Whats more frivolous then jets flying over a christian festival. But apparently republicans only hate frivolous spending when the democrats are in charge and it doesn’t directly benefit either the rich or the religitards.

  • Robyn

    Why would President Obama heed the pope? Jeez.

  • It’s easy to tell when O’RLY is lying, just check to see if his lips are moving.

  • Delphine

    Bill O’Rly nearly admitted to saying whatever his audiences want to hear and not particularly believing his bullshit himself on The Daily Show.

    After watching that interview I almost don’t mind him that much anymore. It seems he sees himself as an entertainer. The more entertained the ultraconservatives are, the richer he gets.

    Don’t take O’Rly seriously. He almost looks like the freaking owl too.

  • Delphine

    Iason Ouabache,
    Glad to see someone else like me. 🙂 I thought I was the only person calling him Bill O’Rly for a while. I had someone correct me and told me his last name’s not O’Rly. My response? “Rly?”

  • Baump

    The lies happen so much, you could make a drinking game out of it. One beer when he lies and two beers when he lies AND insults someone. But I’d be gone in 5 minutes. Ha!

  • Michael

    Why does people still bother with this guy. Everywhere I look it’s “Bill said this” or “Bill said that”.

    Seriously, who gives a flying fuck?

  • Tom

    I find his attitude that Global Warming is too hard to solve so we should give up now and just pray that God will somehow fix everything pretty disturbing. I’m pretty sure thinking like that didn’t produce the USA’s current wealth and power.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    O’Lielly was right about one thing, though — prayer will indeed produce a lot of hot air.

    BTW, it’s amazing that they didn’t do some research in the hours that passed between the airing of the previous video and the Spin Factor. Y’know, like actually contacting the organizers of said religifest. Then again, we’re talking Faux News, so research isn’t really their bag.

  • billybee

    Just to remove any skepticism: I live where this whole “fly over” brouhaha is happening. The God and Country Rally @ The Nampa Idaho Center Amphitheater is about as “specific” as a Christian get together can get.

  • Cafeeine

    Catching Bill Un’Really in a lie is like finding shit in a kennel. Bill gets up in the morning, takes a leak, and tells a lie. He shaves, tells a lie. He has breakfast, lies, drives to work, all the way practicing lies, gets to the studio, reads his lying news script, tells those lies, goes to lunch, lies, comes back for the afternoon lie, etc. etc.

    Now, now Richard, you know thats not true.

    Sometimes he skips breakfast.

  • What you need to understand is that as far as O’Reilly is concerned (and many others)…as long as they call it Christian and not a particular denomination they think that should be okay…because other religions don’t really count as religions. As long as there isn’t preference given to any ‘denomination’ it’s okay. This position is wrong, obviously…but I have heard other things being referred to as non-denominational so as to give them cover. The group putting this show on is most likely not anywhere near being non-denominational and they probably make participants (not spectators) sign a faith statement like they do for the Day of Prayer.

  • The reason why he and the Hannity-Coulter-Rush-Beck-and those alike them are so popular is the result of a culturally supported un-educated American public.

    We are the most un-educated population when compared to civilized/industrialized nations.

    Capitalism depends on a dumb majority, which many of the Founders expressed was the only way to keep the “people” not aware and involved.

    Religion has not only tainted politics is has tainted Capitalism, as both corporations and politics are one in the same.

  • Zahada

    The scary thing is that my father thinks Bill O’Reilly has the best show on TV…and there are MANY more people who feel the same.

  • Ron in Houston

    Bill O lies? Bill O distorts facts? I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

  • The average person tells two big lies a day apparently. I’m not clever enough to remember what I lie about so I’ve stopped. Bill is keeping the average up for us. Bless his cotton socks.

  • I almost spat out my morning Tea when Bill spouted the crap about praying being the only global thing we can do against Global Warming. What a dick.

  • Adrienne

    The event not religion-specific? I really doubt that any Jew, Hindu, Muslim, atheist, or insert-your-favorite-religion-here would attend such a thing.

    Bill’s nuts, absolutely nuts.

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