Why Don’t Bees Go to Heaven? July 8, 2009

Why Don’t Bees Go to Heaven?

This is cute and catchy 🙂

Partial lyrics:

So why don’t worms go to Heaven?
And germs go to Heaven?
Spiders, snakes and sperms go to Heaven?
It’s quite expected that they’re not resurrected,
‘Cause man created God.

(via infinitedeity — Thanks to Andrew for the link!)

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  • leeman15251

    That song will be stuck in my head now, thanks.

  • Cute song!

    But the universe only appears to be old because Satan put that idea in our minds…. or because God is testing our faith by making it only appear that man is a recent arrival in the cosmic picture. God created all the plants and animals for man to have dominion over, consume, and exterminate sacrifice. I know this because it says so in the bible. 🙄

  • skinman

    Every sperm is sacred – doesn’t that mean that they go to heaven? There’s a Disney movie for you: All Sperm Go To Heaven.

  • That was great! Thanks for sharing – very clever and amusing.

  • Richard Wade

    Interestingly, there’s a guy in Australia named Dr. Richard Wade who has written quite a lot on Animal Theology and Ethical Concerns. He is head of the School of Theology at the Australian Catholic University, Aquinas campus. He challenges traditional Christian notions and traditions about animals and all of nature having been created only as a backdrop for mankind.

    So, just in case anyone stumbles across him, I AM NOT HIM!

  • Becky

    I loved this song so much! 🙂

  • Absolutely brilliant! I felt like I was singing one of those little church ditties I can’t get out of my head. Now I’ve got a ditty to replace at least one or more of the old ones that don’t have as much meaning for me. Thanks!

  • Russ

    Every version of heaven I’ve ever heard portrays it as an eternity of suffocating sameness. That’s not my idea of pleasant or enjoyable, and certainly nothing I would want for all time.

    So much of our joy, contentment, and peace of mind comes directly from our connectedness to this piece of the cosmos, our Earth – the life-giving flora and fauna, the soil and rain, the lakes, seas and mountains. I am but a small part of this place, but it is a large part of me. I don’t belong in some eternally lifeless, changeless other world. I belong here with the bees, bats and squirrels; the birds, puppies and kittens; the trees, worms and beetles; the sun, moon and stars; and, my precious human family.

    If an eternity could be mine, I would want to experience it here where life itself celebrates never ending change, on this beautiful Earth. Only in this place of learning, growth, change, and renewal, could I imagine a desirable forever.

  • lucy

    maybe animals do go to heaven…

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