Obama Speaks to Catholic Reporters About Faith July 2, 2009

Obama Speaks to Catholic Reporters About Faith

This morning, President Obama met with a group of reporters for mostly Catholic publications. Among many topics, he discussed his upcoming meeting with the Pope.

The not-so-major-but-kinda-interesting revelations:

  • He is considering choosing a group of churches in Washington, rather than a single congregation, to reduce the impact of his presence on any one community.
  • Joshua DuBois, the president’s faith adviser, sends Obama’s BlackBerry a devotional prayer each morning for the president to reflect on.
  • Quote: “I think it’s clear that [members of the gay and lesbian community] feel victimized in fairly powerful ways and they’re often hurt by not just certain teachings of the Catholic Church, but the Christian faith generally.”

There’s plenty more information here.

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  • Luther

    And many of us may soon feel victimized by the person we voted for as President: From the article a very small change, in the wrong direction:

    said Obama. “But my underlying position has always been consistent, which is I’m a believer in conscience clauses. I was a supporter of a robust conscience clause in Illinois for Catholic hospitals and health care providers.” He continued, “I can assure all of your readers that when this review is complete there will be a robust conscience clause in place. It may not meet the criteria of every possible critic of our approach, but it certainly will not be weaker than what existed before the changes were made.”

    Health Care, not Health Insurance. Medical Science, not Faith Based Cures.

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