The Connection Between CEOs and Megachurch Pastors June 27, 2009

The Connection Between CEOs and Megachurch Pastors

Here’s an interesting look at how Christian megachurches are very similar to major business corporations:

Successful megachurches are like well-run companies, with intricate corporate structures devised to keep each member personally engaged; their pastors are like chief executives, maximizing the productivity of laborers in the evangelism enterprise. Jumbotron notwithstanding, the architectural and organizational tropes of the megachurch are best compared to those of the modern white-collar workplace.

(via Kottke)

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  • 7fta

    The church I got saved at, a mega church of about 10000 totally operated like the corporation that it was. With over a $1M monthly budget they had a CFO and a board of directors. They bought out another mega church for $10M cash. This was 20 years ago.

  • Then we can only hope they also start offshoring.

  • Pustulio

    I’m having a little trouble with this concept, but how does one church “buy out” another church? What does that entail? Do they close down the second church and absorb the second congregation so as to expand their revenue base? Or does the second church become a satellite or something, where profits from the second church are funneled to the “primary” churches coffers? Or is it something else entirely?

    For that matter, who owns churches anyway? I had always assumed they were owned collectively by the congregation. Would that mean that members of the “bought” congregation all get paid like shareholders?

  • Sarah

    The business connection is SO true. I worked at a mega church and business strategy books were part of the staff-wide required reading. In fact, in the three years I was on staff, we read more business books than Christian books or…the bible!

  • Luther

    Oh those pastors of little faith, seem to be turning to reason and science to manage their businesses. They certainly have mastered the discipline of “helping themselves”.

  • When you call the “prayer hotline”, be prepared to speak to someone with an Indian accent.

    Kidding aside, I do think religion is going the way of Wal-Mart. Mega churches will continue to take the place of small congregations across the land. I predict many small churches will end up closing their doors as their aging congregation can not support operating cost anymore. The younger people who happen to be religious will be attracted to the mega churches.

    Christianity will become the opposite of what Jesus wanted.

  • Jeff, you got it right.

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