God’s Role in the NBA Draft June 26, 2009

God’s Role in the NBA Draft

It’s always risky to enter the NBA draft early in your college career. You’re not always fully developed as a player and you haven’t had a lot of experience again tough competition. But if you’re really talented, NBA teams might overlook all that.

It worked for Blake Griffin, who left college after two years and was the first person selected in last night’s draft.

It didn’t work quite as well for others.

DeJuan Blair also entered the draft after two years in college. He was picked by the San Antonio Spurs in the second round, 37th overall — Not terribly impressive, though nothing to be ashamed of. It does translate to a far less lucrative contract, though, than he would’ve received as a first-round pick.

Did he have any regrets about entering the draft so early?

“No, this is what I wanted,” Blair said this morning on a conference call the day after the San Antonio Spurs drafted him with the No. 37 overall selection. “I think it was a good decision. I couldn’t have landed in a better situation than I am in now. [San Antonio] just traded Kurt Thomas, their starting forward. It’s a dream come true. I should have been a first-round pick, but God wanted me to drop to the second round.

Right… I’m sure his two surgically-repaired, ligament-lacking knees had nothing to do with it.

At least he’ll provide fodder for atheists over the next couple seasons.

I wonder which team God will root for when Blair plays Dwight Howard

(Thanks to Andy for the link!)

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  • David D.G.

    I get so disgusted with the bloody obvious narcissism of people like this. EVERYTHING that happens is because of God meddling in their lives. What’s especially ironically twisted is when someone claims that God wanted something less than top-notch for them, like this basketballer’s second-draft pick, or someone failing to get a desired promotion. (What’s really funny is when it primarily involves other people, and affects them only indirectly — such as losing a bet because their favorite football team lost a playoff game.)

    The usual justification offered is that it is God’s way of encouraging them to have greater humility. Humility! And they don’t even see the irony of the notion that God’s personal attention to their petty lives is among the most arrogant claims imaginable. That’s got to be a veritable radioactive isotope of irony right there.

    ~David D.G.

  • Tarrkid

    Speaking of Dwight Howard (and sorry for the threadjack), did anyone see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night when he also had Richard Branson and Neil deGrasse Tyson?

    (I think it’s on youtube, but it’s blocked here at work, so you’ll have to find it yourselves.)

    Howard was the second guest, Tyson (deGrasse Tyson?) was third.

    Besides the fact that watching NdGT is ALWAYS entertaining (who wouldn’t love to have that guy at a cocktail party), the absolute best part was this…

    NdGT is going a mile a minute. At one point he was picking on Branson for “only” going into orbit with Virgin Galactic, when the universe is so much more than that. Fallon’s enjoying the ride, and they cut to this scene of Branson and Howard still on the couch.

    Branson’s rolling, too, having a blast. Dwight Howard has this blank stare on his face. Completely blank. Slackjawed, and not much to say.

    Maybe he was waiting for God to give him a Divine Punchline Cuecard™.

  • Jen

    Interestingly, I was recently reading a book that talked about a study on basketball players, and how draft pick order influences careers years later- there is no coming back from being third or fourth choice.

    Ergo- God hates you, DeJaun. A lot.

  • Interestingly, I was recently reading a book that talked about a study on basketball players, and how draft pick order influences careers years later- there is no coming back from being third or fourth choice.

    Interesting study 🙂 Exception that proves the rule, perhaps: Michael Jordan was drafted 3rd the year he entered the NBA

  • Not only that, Hemant, but MJ wasn’t even the highest rated player in the state of NC, coming out of high school. It was a guy named Buzz Peterson.

    My brain has too many useless factoids. I could be a lot smarter if I expunged the “Buzz Petersons” and learned more things that were actually useful.

    But I digress, much like some of the other replies on this thread…


  • God wanted me to drop to a second round draft pick.

    I’m trying to make fun of this… but I can’t think of anything to say that’s funnier than it is all by itself.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    I should have been a first-round pick, but God wanted me to drop to the second round.

    DeJuan Blair will take “Rebellion + Contradiction” for $2000, Alex.

  • John

    And these are some of the highest paid people in the world. Sometimes I don’t doubt the future scenario that the movie Idiocracy paints.

  • Why wouldn’t God be involved in the details of a person’s life?

    God does care about the little things.
    Does every Christian see the things in his / her life in proper perspective? No. And I can’t speak for the person in question.

    I do see my life as important to God. Not because I am so great, but because He cares so greatly.

    It is not important to Him because I am so special. The world will get along just fine without me.

  • Spurs Fan

    Okay, as my username suggests, I’m a little torn about this one. Normally, I hate when a player makes comments like this. However, because of my blind faith in the power of the Spurs, I want to thank God (at least the God of 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2010?) for his obvious divine preference for the men in black.

    Oh, and just to be annoyingly atheist-technical, Kurt Thomas was NOT a starting forward. He came off the bench.

    Go Spurs!

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