Can Anyone Make an Animated Short? June 26, 2009

Can Anyone Make an Animated Short?

I’m wondering if anyone out there has the ability to make a one-minute cartoon (for YouTube purposes).

There’s an outline ready to go — revisions are possible depending on what you think.

You’d be helping out a good secular cause 🙂

If you might be able to help, please contact me. Thanks!

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • Can I make one? Yes. Will it be something anyone will want to watch? … Let me get back to you…

  • Woody Tanaka

    How do you make an animated short? Cut off its legs…

  • Lucianus

    I know a good cartoonist. I don’t know if he can do a one minute drawing for Youtube

  • Hemant,

    You might try getting in touch with

    His animations, while low-grade, are spectacular in conception and he’s got a good eye for dramatics…

  • Greg B

    I have a degree in media arts and Animation. I may be interested. I’ll be in touch and I’d love to get some info on your project (hopefully its scale can fit in my schedule.)

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