The Homosexual Spirit June 25, 2009

The Homosexual Spirit

The pastor of the “Gay Exorcism” church has spoken.

And she makes even less sense than you thought.

An excerpt:

Pastor Patricia McKinney: … I just wanted to tell the world out there that Manifested Glory Ministries Church is not against homosexuality. We do not hate them. We do not come up against them. We just do not believe in their lifestyle. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit.

CNN: But could he have been a member of your church being a homosexual?

PPM: Umm… you can come in our church, but you cannot live that lifestyle in our church.

CNN: … he wouldn’t really be living the lifestyle in your church. What do you mean by that?

PPM: Well, when you come in, you can get delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. We welcome anyone in our church. Alls we’re saying that we do not like the lifestyle at with a man with a man and a woman with a woman… and that’s our beliefs. But we do not say they cannot come in our church… they are all welcome to come in our church. But when they come in, they have to get delivered.

CNN: What happened? Did he get delivered? Did you… I don’t know if I’m using the right terminology… did you “exorcise the demon”? How do you know whether anything’s changed?

PPM: Because of his lifestyle. His lifestyle have changed. And I just want to say — everything carries a spirit. It’s just not the homosexual spirit. You have the alcohol spirit. You have the crack cocaine spirit. You have the adultress spirit. Everything has a spirit…

PPM: … you had to see the video in the whole context.

CNN: What would we have seen if we saw it in the whole context?

PPM: You would have seen that we’re just people who love the Lord. We’re just people that worship Him…

I’ll give credit to the host. He was asking the questions I wanted him to ask. You can also tell he thinks she’s batshit crazy, and he’s fighting to hold his tongue.

To the pastor: Don’t lend yourself to the media when you haven’t had training or an impartial opinion of your communication skills. You just end up looking foolish.

At least she made the idea of exorcisms appear even more absurd. The more religious kooks mainstream media shows, the easier it is for people of faith to distance yourself from those beliefs.

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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  • bill

    i’ve got the crack cocaine spirit and there’s no way i’m letting her take it away from me!!!!

  • Anticontrame

    Hemant, did you know that one of your ads, My Planet X, is offering “escort services”?

  • Steve

    Holy. Crap. Allegedly, she’s a former crack cocaine and heroin user. Praise! It really scares me that there is a whole lot of this crap going on. Does anyone think that someone should be charged with assault?

  • The underlying dilemma for people like her is that they want to be hateful without sounding hateful. It ties them up in rhetorical and behavioral knots.

  • She’s out of her mind. These people have no clue what they’re really doing to gay people.

  • I have no doubt whatsoever that we can find her forgoing her “spirit” belief for the occasional doctor.

  • Justin jm

    Why do people like her refer to the “homosexual lifestyle?” Does she want to evoke images of certain areas of San Francisco or the French Quarter, or does she think one’s orientation is a choice?

    And about that part about the “homosexual spirit” and the “cocaine spirit” and etc… isn’t she essentially denying the traditional Christian idea of free will?

  • I think that some addicts need to believe some weird stuff to stop being addicts. But that does not make their religion true. It reminds me of a definition of religion I came up with recently: Religion is another person thinking you need God because they have problems.

    And I noticed she says that “you had to see the video in the whole context.” I love it when Christians insist that other people need to look at their lives “in context”. Yet they never seem to care about the contexts of other people’s lives.

  • False Prophet

    Is it possible to exorcise the “ignorant spirit”? How about the “dumbass belief spirit”? If such a thing were possible it might even make me believe in God.

  • soft_on_demand

    “ignorant spirit”LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Christophe Thill

    Priceless. Is this woman inspired by god? If so, he’s kind of weird.

    “Umm… you can come in our church, but you cannot live that lifestyle in our church.”

    Right! No gay sex in the church’s restrooms! On the other hand, if a guy comes tu church with his wife and… you know… well, I think there’s no problem for them to get a little privacy?

    “All we’re saying that we do not like the lifestyle at with a man with a man and a woman with a woman… and that’s our beliefs”

    No! That’s your taste. Beliefs are things that you think. Things that you like or dislike are tastes. As in “I don’t like cabbage”. But if I chose to phrase this “I don’t believe in cabbage”, then I would look like a cretin, wouldn’t I?

    “Because of his lifestyle. His lifestyle have changed.”

    Powerful medicine she has here! The power to get people to change their lifestyle? Strong voodoo! I think she could put it to good use. On the whole, Americans have a terrible lifestyle. They consume too much resources, eat bad foods, have too many cars while they’d better walk, ride bikes or use public transportation. Why doesn’t she use her magic to change this?

    “everything carries a spirit. It’s just not the homosexual spirit. You have the alcohol spirit. You have the crack cocaine spirit. You have the adultress spirit. Everything has a spirit…”

    Ladies and gentleman, the Spirit of Stupidity has spoken!

  • Jeigh

    I am gay, and continuing to try and understand what people like this mean by my “lifestyle”… Do they mean me and my husband watching movies on the couch together? Creating and playing music together? Our healthy, communicative, best-friend partnership? Having sex less than once a week? Going out to dinner with or having deep talks with our gay friends?

    Do they think this is a bad, evil, or unacceptable “lifestyle”? Really?

  • Jeigh, I think it is the music. You know that music leads to dancing and dancing leads to Satan’s own discotheque. Or maybe your food comes from Satan’s fridge.

    I dunno, the whole thing is so packed full of ignorance that it lowered by IQ by 10.

  • Alan in CA

    I can’t stand it when people do not take responsibility for their addictions. It doesn’t mean there is a bad spirit. Crack and heroin are addictive substances on their own and it doesn’t take a spirit to get someone addicted. Telling people that it isn’t their own mind or body is dangerous, and it would never hold in a court of law if I killed someone because I had the “murderous spirit” inside me.

  • ccubeman

    I wonder if Alan Ball took some inspiration from this joint for True Blood. In particular, the sub-plots where Tara and her mother get their personal demons exorcised. In the show the exorciser turns out to be a drug-store clerk working as a part-time witch.

    I guess it’s true… Reality is better than fiction.

  • anonymouse

    It’s amazing to me how many shitty people find the Lord. And then wish to judge others.

  • littlejohn

    I’m normally a really nice guy who deplores violence, but it wouldn’t bother me too awful much if some really big, nasty gays decided to exorcise “the straight” out of that dumbass.
    Why is it that African-Americans, a group that has arguably suffered the most under American bigotry, are invariably the worst bigots when it comes to religion and sexual orientation?
    (Before you jump on me, I’m of mixed race myself. And I’m straight.)

  • anonymouse

    littlejohn, are you suggesting someone rape this woman?

  • Rest

    Hmm… I wonder if I could rob a bank and blame it on the bank robbing spirit?

  • littlejohn

    Anonymous: If your question is serious, show me where I even implied she should be raped. Don’t be a jerk.

  • anonymouse

    well I thought you implied violence because you said you are not USUALLY a violent person. I think my question was a totally legit one. Thanks for the clarification, and don’t call names. Thanks.

  • “Why do people like her refer to the “homosexual lifestyle?” Does she want to evoke images of certain areas of San Francisco or the French Quarter, or does she think one’s orientation is a choice?”

    That’s exactly what they’re doing. Finding out that people just are or are not gay, that they are born that way, destroys their entire philosophy about it and shows them as the outright bigots they are. In order for them not to look like hate mongers it is essential that they portray homosexuality as just a bunch of actions, like a hobby. If they accepted that gay people actually do love one another there is no way they could think they way they do.

  • Aljo
  • To me this seemed just like the conventional “beating a guy because he is gay”. But that interview surely made it different. It’s her kind of people that make me wonder if we can really rely on civilized discussion after all. How do you solve the problems of different moral or political views with her? You start talking sens and she brings her troops to exercise the “intelligence demon” out of you?

  • littlejohn

    You called me a rapist.
    Apologize or shut up.

  • valdemar

    Forty years ago, the USA sent an expedition to the Moon. As a Brit, I keep that wonderful, secular achievement in mind when I see this kind of thing.

    But is it really so surprising? So-called mainstream Christians have the same basic attitude to gays – that they are wicked, that they’ve made a ‘mistaken choice’ in lifestyle, and can be converted to straightitude. It’s lunacy, totally unsupported by scientific fact or common experience, but it’s more acceptable lunacy than this undiluted craziness.

  • littlejohn

    Just wondering, are you old enough to remember the 1969 moon landing? I’m an old guy, and I remember it well. it’s nice to be reminded.
    During the last 8 years, I haven’t felt very good about being a Yank. Under the Bush years, we were arrogant bullies.
    The race to the moon was politically motivated, of course, but it also was scientifically significant and something the whole human race can feel good about.
    It’s nice to be reminded.
    I was 15 and watching on a black-and-white TV, the audio unclear and the image flickering. But there we were, no doubt about it, walking on the damn moon!
    Thanks for a pleasant memory.
    Looks like we might go back sometime soon. I hope we do it with less jingoism and more international cooperation.
    Cheers, John
    P.S.: I’d like to think that at least one of those heros was secretly gay.

  • anonymouse

    LittleJohn, I asked if you were advocating rape because much violence against women IS rape. Based on your first post, I had every right to ask that. I asked for clarification, and I got it. There was no need to be an ass about things. I don’t mince words. If I wanted to call you a rapist, I would have. Once again, stay classy and stop with the rudeness.

  • Stan

    Maybe one day she’ll meet someone with the sensibility spirit and have her asswipe spirits driven out.

  • With her repeated comment that “everything has a spirit,” Ms McKinney betrays the pagan-like animism that lies at the heart of religious fundamentalism. So much for Christianity’s vaunted opposition to paganism!

  • Spurs Fan

    Did she say that her church was “nondenominal”? I think I’m more concerned about her lack of basic grammar skills than anything.

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