The Gay Exorcism Video June 25, 2009

The Gay Exorcism Video

By now, you’ve probably seen the “Gay Exorcism” video on YouTube… a pastor at Manifested Glory Ministries (in Bridgeport, CT) tries to de-gayify a teenager. The church had no real response, only saying that it wasn’t an exorcism — rather, it was a “casting out of souls.” I’d love to know what the difference is..

The video is sad, it’s disgusting, it’s disturbing… and it’s not shocking at all to me.

Really, were any of you surprised to see it?

This stuff goes on all the time. Not just in black churches, either. Thinking an exorcism will work, trying to “remove the gay” from a person… it happens all over the country in churches everywhere.

And once again, you don’t hear many Christians speaking up and denouncing all of this — saying it’s ok to be gay, that this horrific ritual is meaningless, that the churchgoers in the video have serious problems. Why not? Maybe because the same people who believe in angels are likely to believe in demons, too. The kind of thinking promoted in this video is no different from a “cleansing Baptism” — this case just happens to be more graphic. Obviously, neither ritual actually changes anything.

The one piece of information I can’t find is whether the 16-year-old victim did this voluntarily or not.

(Thanks to grazatt for the link)

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  • Alan E.

    Of course he “volunteered.” That is social pressure, especially the Black community, pressured that decision, but the way he was rolling around as if there really was a demon was all voluntary.

  • GG

    It’s a pretty hypnotic, suggestive state he’s probably in… convincing himself and his body that something’s going on.

    Too bad it’s delusional and causing him a world of long term pain. Denying himself, fighting and hating what’s naturally part of him… and now a guaranteed failure of an exorcism is going to set him up for shame and disappointment later on.

    By the way, why do they have to order this “demon” out a hundred or more times (“by the power of Jesus”) before they actually think it’s gone? Jesus is really weak, eh?
    Ah, theater. I grew up around some things like this. It’s all emotions and show…

  • Jerry Priori

    I’m not as interested in exorcising gay “demons” as I am in exercising them:

    Who’s Line is it Anyway?

    There, that’s more like it!

  • Well the whole demon thing largely stems from African culture that they brought over as slaves, and then they combined it with Christianity

  • Rob

    Jerry, thanks so much for the Who’s Line link. I forgot how funny that skit was and it definitely helps offset the absurdity of the exorcism video.

  • I blogged about this last week… I was slightly less polite in my response than Hemant…

  • Stan

    “And once again, you don’t hear many Christians speaking up and denouncing all of this — saying it’s ok to be gay, that this horrific ritual is meaningless, that the churchgoers in the video have serious problems.”

    Tamryn Hall just made a relatively sharp criticism of the “exorcism” on MSNBC, asking why we supposedly can’t attack religion when it crosses the line, talking about people she’s interviewed who have been through “de-gaying” and are still gay, and how horrible events like this are going on all over the country.

    Not as harsh as some other criticisms, but it’s better and braver than most TV hosts.

  • Really, were any of you surprised to see it?

    Of course not. This sort of abuse is heaped on gay people constantly under the guise of “helping” us and with the claim that our abusers “love” us and want to “save” us. They want to control us at any cost. Visit Wayne Besen’s “Truth Wins Out” for all the gory details of the “ex-gay” ministries.

  • GG nailed it. The subject is in a higly suggestive state.

    Want to see mass hypnosis and have a good laugh? You can always count on Benny Hinn. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

  • Gay Demons can possess animals according to a Navy Chaplain?  This video might be the most entertaining video of a gay demon be “exorcised”.  The one featured on Tyra Banks show was alright…..but not nearly as epic as this poorly dressed man.  I think A real gay demon would never allow his victim to leave the house wearing this outfit.

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