Star-Gazing Party Before Dragon*Con June 23, 2009

Star-Gazing Party Before Dragon*Con

For anyone attending Dragon*Con (September 4th through the 7th) in Atlanta, the Skeptics’ track just added a very cool new event taking place the evening before the conference:

A star-gazing party, hosted by astronomers Phil Plait and Pamela Gay, with proceeds benefiting cancer research.

All the details are here.

(Thanks to Maria for the link!)

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  • Richard Wade

    Ohhhhhhhh. Envy, envy. I wish I could attend and help. I have a big, manly twenty-inch aperture Dobsonian reflector with a gem of a mirror. And a chance to glimpse the southern hemisphere sky. Ohhhhhhhh.

    Unfortunately, the commute of 1,938 miles with the telescope in my truck would basically rule it out.

  • I want a big freaking 24″ reflecting telescope! What? This is the friendly atheist. It’s all about what I want, isn’t it? Otherwise, what’s the point of atheism? I am not either trolling! Fine. Do they have big freaking reflecting telescopes at the star-gazing party? Cause I would definitely hit that! (grin)

  • AJ

    Sweet. I may try to make it. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • This sounds awesome. We’re considering sending an SSA rep (I dunno, someone with a kinda geeky background who’s used to going to sci-fi/gaming/geeky conventions and happens to double as a campus organizer…?) …

    Anyway, if I can make it, this would be my first time at Dragon*Con. Has anyone here gone before who could send me some info about what it’s like and what’s good to check out? Email me at Thanks!

  • Richard,

    Slap a webcam to your telescope and let us all see what your telescope can do…

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