Why is Comcast Referring to Ben Stein as the “Smartest”? June 22, 2009

Why is Comcast Referring to Ben Stein as the “Smartest”?

As a Comcast customer only because I have no other choice in my area, I’m used to their shitty customer service.

But when you see the following, it’s clear they’re not even trying to improve…

Here’s a promo for “Comcast Digital Cable with On Demand and HBO.”

The headline: The Best and the Smartest.

The picture to go along with that: Shaquille O’Neal and Ben Stein.


No one’s ever accused Shaq of being the smartest man around… so I presume they mean he’s the “Best.” Even that’s arguable since he didn’t win the NBA championship this past year…

But that means Ben Stein represents “Smartest.”

Say what now?

Stein, the evolution-denier, the man behind the pro-Intelligent-Design movie Expelled, the man who once said “science leads you to killing people“…. he’s the “smartest”!?

Which uneducated intern made that marketing decision?

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised Stein is representing Comcast. When given several options, Stein tends to support the worst one in the bunch.

(Thanks to Brian for the link!)

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  • Greg B

    Not too hard to realize the context:

    Its because he’s the smartest out of the two.
    (Stein does know a lot about numbers)

  • Richard Wade

    Rumor has it that they tried to get the most genuinely smart and recognizable person, Stephen Hawking, but he wasn’t willing to do it. Besides, the advertising people realized that the spectacle of Shaquille lifting Hawking out of his wheelchair by a handcuff would just be too upsetting.

  • “Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised Stein is representing Comcast. When given several options, Stein tends to support the worst one in the bunch.”

    As a Comcast customer, I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Ron in Houston

    Or maybe they needed a short dumpy white guy to be next to Shaq.

  • Claire V

    Clearly you’ve never lived anywhere where you had to use Charter… they are far worse, I assure you. Not only is their customer service absolute crap, but the service their supposed to be providing (internet, cable, etc) is unreliable at best. Compared to them Comcast is amazing.

  • He was funny on “Win Ben Stein’s Money”…

    Of course, I’m referring to Jimmy Kimmel.

  • James H

    I find him amusing at times. I enjoy dry acerbic wit of the sort he deploys.

    That said, Henant, I’m afraid they didn’t use another “smartest person” because a person also has to be reasonably good-looking to be a spokesperson.

    And, let’s face it, there ain’t no man better-lookin’ than Ben Stein.

  • Infinite Monkey

    Well, when it comes to knowing the facts, not a lot of people can beat Ben Stien. Now, he may have his own confirmation bias which makes him view the same data with a different take on it, but, that happens to a lot of people.

  • He’s the only Nixon staffer not to serve a prison term. Has to be some brains in there to weasel his way out of that, and it shows that you never stray far from your roots.

  • There is a video version and outtakes.

  • It’s such an annoying and ridiculous commercial and, lately, whenever I turn on the television, I seem to see it at least two or three times in an hour or two. Ugh.

  • Chief

    This is why I’m switching to Verizon FiOS

  • I already thought Comcast was the devil, but after seeing the commercial for this a couple of months ago I was convinced.

  • Comcast is just playing off the stereotype that short pudgy older Jewish-looking guys are smart.

    I have both Comcast and Verizon FiOS in my area. I chose Verizon.

  • Kyle

    Look, I’m not a fan of Stein’s whatsoever, but the guy is incredibly smart. I can’t be the only person here that used to watch “Win Ben Stein’s Money.”

  • Madame

    Your statements about Comcast are accurate; Verizon’s no better. Perhaps the former chose Mr. Stein because he’s hot . . .

  • Infinite Monkey


    You’re not.

  • lau

    stein was a judge on the reality tv show America’s Most Smartest Model, lol

  • Pustulio

    Make a list of a few people that you think of as easily recognisable as being smart. Now ask yourself how many of those people would be willing to do a commercial for *Comcast*. I think that explains how they ended up with Ben Stein.

  • Terrible photoshop job on that ad. Just sayin’.

    That handcuff chain is defying gravity. But then again, Ben Stein has no problem denying evolution, so maybe he denies gravity and therefore it no long applies to him. Like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. There’s your answer. Ben Stein is really a cartoon. I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

  • Comcast, on the other hand, cannot be reasonably described as either the “best” or the “smartest” choice one could make when selecting cable television providers.

  • Siamang

    I don’t think BS is incredibly smart.

    He has an ivy league education and they wrote the questions on his show from his general body of knowledge.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Ben Stein’s “smartness” covers more than just biological science. Take a look at this video of Stein prognosticating on the economy, pre-collapse:
    Peter Schiff vs. Ben Stein

  • Peter Schiff vs. Ben Stein

    Well that video certainly explains why Stein is now doing Comcast commercials. Perhaps he actually followed his own financial advice and now needs the money.

    It is interesting that there seems to be a correlation between those who buy into fantasy economic policy and those that buy into fantasy theologies.

  • Steven B. Krivit

    So I called Comcast to fix a billing problem…and I got to hear Shaq and Stein “thanking me” for calling Comcast. Not sure why but something about that almost made me wretch…

    When I eventually got a recording that told me I was not going to get a human being on the line I was told – I kid you not – “or for your inconvenience, please visit us at Comcast.com” I had to go back a second time to record it.


  • Nemo

    I listened to the MP3… it’s meant to be “for your own convenience”, not “for your inconvenience”. Though why they had someone with such a thick accent record it, I don’t know.

  • Jeff

    I just watched Ben Stein on CNN say some incredibly stupid things about Republicans having more money and better insurance, so they are more concerned about this health bill…(?!) What a tool!

    Other than Comcast, I can’t think of any other major co. that uses such a politically charged person to hawk their goods. Comcast is my provider for phone, internet and TV, but that may be changing. I can’t stand the idea of my bills going to pay this twerp’s salary.

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